Jun 28, 2011

The Peacock Room

If you pay attention to my Tweets, you know that I spent last weekend at a scrapbooking crop with some of my closest friends.

We stayed at Ruth Mountain Bed & Breakfast, which is about 90 minutes from Birmingham. I stayed in The Peacock Room.

How many peacock-themed items do you think someone can fit in one bedroom and bathroom?

Don't underestimate the power of an innkeeper with a mission, Internet.

My bedside table lamp didn't give off much actual light, but luckily I didn't need much by the time I fell into bed.

A peacock-themed arrangement greeted me when I walked in my door each evening.

And there was a peacock ... drape? at the foot of my bed.

I folded the drape up every night and moved it over to the peacock ottoman, but I wasn't without a clear view of a peacock, because there was a large peacock tapestry on the wall facing my bed.

To the left of the bed was the armoire that housed the TV. It displayed a peacock ... ornament?

To the right of the armoire was a peacock arrangement ...

And to the left of the armoire was another one!

On the way to the attached bathroom, this little guy sat on an end table.

He did NOT represent the last of the peacocks for my little room. In the bathroom, I found another peacock arrangement waiting for me on the counter.

The peacocks were right there for me when I needed to blow my nose.

Or get a drink of water.

Or take a shower.

Or even when it was time to use the potty!

All kidding aside, it was a very comfortable room ... if decorated in a way that would make some people squirm. Nonetheless, I enjoyed my stay, the progress I made in my books (I'm all caught up in the boys', our family's and the new baby's albums!), and most of all the time with my friends.


Erin said...

The peacock pillow on the back of the potty is awesome. It's like she knew that some people accidentally pass out while doing their business and wanted to make even them more comfortable.

Martha said...

Oh my! All I kept thinking was... someone has to DUST all these things!?!

Sewconsult said...

It's just a couple too many for me. I think the bathroom arrangement sent me over.

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