Feb 28, 2011


So here's something. I feel kind of sorry for the few of you who are new to my blog, because you aren't getting what I'd consider to be my Best Stuff these days. I'm struggling to get anything at all posted most days because of the nausea, but I [narcissistically] tell myself that you'd rather have something than nothing. (Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.)

Anyway, today I thought I'd share with you some of the pictures from last weekend, when we were in Atlanta visiting my parents. I already showed you our aquarium pictures, but these are from the following day, when the boys got up and wanted to show off some of their newfound skateboarding skills in the cul-de-sac.

I couldn't get all the boys with Mop and Pop, but Jakey was mroe than happy to sit for a second and give us a grin:

Jake can't skateboard quite yet, so we took his Toy Story soccer ball down to kick around. Nathaniel took some time to play with him before he started skateboarding ...

Nicholas has developed such a passion for skateboarding that he couldn't be deterred from starting as soon as he hit the street.

Nathaniel doesn't have quite the same comfort level on the board that Nick does, but he gives it his best shot. He's a little more of a slow learner, but I think that's due in part to his more cautious nature.

Nicholas wanted to show me how he can skateboard with his hands in his pockets. I said, "Nick! Please don't. That's so dangerous!" And he shouted back happily (with one hand in his pocket), "Mommy, EVERYTHING I do is dangerous! What's the big deal about THIS?"


Meanwhile, Jakey was happy with his soccer ball and its potential to knock someone off a skateboard.


I'm happy to report that Nick stayed upright. No worries ... there were plenty of opportunities.

After a while, the big boys decided to mix it up a little. Aunt Debbie, you may want to look away from the screen now.

Would you like to know what my defense for allowing them to do this is? I did it when I was little. That's pretty much all I've got. And also, nausea. Yes, I will let all-encompassing nausea take the fall for a little of my judgment on this day.

But look at the grins! My word, THE GRINS!

We DID make him take the Mardi Gras beads off for the times he rode down the hill on his tummy. We aren't COMPLETE imbeciles.

But don't expect me to post an explanation if all of a sudden I start posting pictures of my kids with scraped-up chins. It would be easier on all of us if you'd just make the assumption that it's related to something like this.


Wade's World said...

You might not be feeling good these days, but my word, you owned me with the shots (and commentary) of them going down the hill on their tummies. I did it too as a kid and it is so much fun!

Rachel said...

What a hoot! And my mom would say, "Boys will be boys." Better they should be that way when you're around then try to hide it.
Hope the nausea is better today.

Mel said...

I love your blog! I would say your boys are having fun, and are active, they should be, let them have fun! If you get through childhood without any scratches you did not have enough fun!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I figure they're a lot safer than I was when I was a kid, because at least they wear helmets! I never had a bike or skateboarding helmet, that's for sure.

Welcome, Mel! So glad you're here. :)

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