Feb 27, 2011

The auction ends tonight!

Jonah's EB Auction is going strong, and as of last night more than $5,000 has been committed in bids on the auction items! (If you don't know what it is, please read my first post about it.)

I am so excited, but we can do way more. If you have any money at all to spare, please consider popping over and bidding on an item. If you don't need any of the material goods, there are many gift cards, for example, to places like Target and Chick-fil-A (among others) that you can bid on.

A couple of the things I was bidding on moved out of my price range, but as of last night I was still in the running for three things. (The bidding ends tonight at 8 p.m. EST.)

Let's cure EB! Thank you all so much.

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Sewconsult said...

I have the top bid for the Turquoise necklace. I really wanted it when I first saw it, before the bidding started. I also had a bid on something else, but decided to let someone else go for it. Having to watch my budget these days, but of course, it is for a great cause. Jonah is a precious boy. It had been amazing to see him grow into such a cutie.

If it hadn't been for Jonah, you never would have me bugging you!

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