Mar 1, 2011

Uncomfortable truths, vol. 10

1. I'm always trying to spell French words in Scrabble and Words with Friends on my iPad. It's not like I'm bilingual or anything; I just took a combined total of about 10 years of French, so my vocab is kind of "blended" in my head. (None of those words work, BTW.)

2. Also when I play Scrabble or Words with Friends, I have to cover up the score box with a Post-it Note. Otherwise I get too distracted by the score and I freeze up.

3. I hate those little capelets on armchairs. They crinkle up, they fall on the floor, and what purpose do they serve? How much oil and dirt do you really think is on the undersides of my arms? (I'm offended.)

4. I have an irrational fear of finite quantities of beverages. I like to go to restaurants that have huge cups, and if they have a serve-yourself drink fountain, EVEN BETTER. Cub Scouts always bring beverages for 200 people in those Gatorade cooler-type things. And I look around thinking, "I'd better get the sweet tea while the gettin's good, because SOMEBODY's gonna be stuck with water, and it isn't going to be ME."

5. I will not, under any circumstances, lean my head back to rest on the seatback in a movie theater. As a matter of fact, the best posture you will ever see out of me is in a movie theater; I sit almost completely upright. Did you ever see Eddie Murphy in Coming to America? The geri curl scene where he left that stain on the back of the couch? Yep. That ruined airplane and movie theater seat comfort for me, forever.


Rachel said...

You crack me up! I always drape myself over my chair in the theater. I figure I paid enough to be there...but you make a fabulous point.

Green Door Girl said...

Omigosh - the drinks are SO me and napkins - I don't know what the irrational fear is, but I have to have napkins, I hate places that hand them out to you (fast food specifially) and they give you one or two measly little napkins - I *need* like 10 even if I only use 1-2! :)
I also go through drinks in restaurants like crazy, I am sure the waitresses think I am some crazy dehydrated person, I just drink alot when I eat!

stollison said...

I tried playing "fonkay" today--ya know, the sassy way of saying "funky"--Scrabble did not accept it.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Rachel, YUCK! Can't imagine it. But more power to you.

Jennifer, Roly Poly only gives you ONE napkin per sandwich. ONE.

SET, I usually don't try the phonetic spellings of words ... and thanks to your tip, I'll keep on not trying it.

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