Feb 15, 2011


I recently switched from Twitter to HootSuite, because I kept noticing that when I'd refresh my Twitter page, I'd see a whole bunch of Tweets that hadn't been there just a moment before. And I was seeing Tweets on my phone that weren't showing up in my Feed online.

Convinced I was missing who-knows-how-many Tweets every day, I switched to HootSuite last week. So far, it's okay, although it appears that yesterday someone hacked into my account and typed the alphabet and posted it. (I thought it might have been one of the boys on my iPad, but they all deny, deny, deny.)

Anyway, I'm learning that HootSuite is a little different from Twitter, especially with regards to reTweeting. The other night, I reTweeted something from someone, but the fact that it wasn't my own Tweet didn't show up. There was no "reTweet" verbiage attached to it. Now, if it had been someone I know in real life, I wouldn't have worried about it much. But it was a famous person, and I didn't want to be accused of stealing content.

So, a couple of minutes later, I Tweeted this:

Thinking I'd taken care of it the best I could, I went on about my evening as usual. It wasn't until the following morning when I logged in again that I saw THIS in my feed:

Yeah. I had to come clean and tell him that yes, "crap" is a word we avoid and I was wrong to use it. He was like, "ESPECIALLY in public."

Yes, Nathaniel, ESPECIALLY in public. Consider me properly chastened.


Green Door Girl said...

LOL - I am using hootsuite and when I RT it puts the RT verbage at the front.... hmmm, I need to go back and look :)

Rachel said...

And THAT'S why parents don't let kids use Facebook and Twitter!! Not to protect the kids...but to not get caught in their own behavior!! :)

Love it!

paige said...

I LOVE THIS. Bless that child. You're going to have to clean up your act, wild woman. :)

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