Feb 14, 2011

Railroad Park, FTW!

It's been two weeks since we last went down to Railroad Park, but that day was so much like the weather yesterday that I decided to share these pictures with you today.

I've gotten to the point where I'm nauseated to some degree most all the time, so as much as I wanted to drive the boys down there yesterday, I just couldn't do it.

There are a couple of artists who have painted the words "You are beautiful" around town in several places. The city keeps trying to pressure-wash it away or paint over it, because technically it's graffiti and against city codes.

But the funny thing is, most of the citizens of our fair city are in favor of letting the words stay. I have to admit, to come around a corner in your car and see the words "You are beautiful" is rather affirming and such a positive message! It's not your typical graffiti ... and they just put one in Railroad Park.

We've had some absolutely gorgeous winter days here over the past few weekends ... blue skies and 40 to 50 degrees. I wish it was like this year-round!

The park is huge and well-kept, and this was probably the most crowded I'd seen it since opening weekend.

People were throwing frisbees, footballs and baseballs, riding bikes and skateboards, and reading or napping on blankets.

Nick wanted to skateboard across the street, so Nathaniel, Jake and I set up shop at the highest point in the park and watched the skateboarders from there.

The ramps are largely homemade, but they're sturdy and seem to be about as safe as skateboard ramps can be.

Nathaniel and Jake ran up and down this hill so many times I lost count.

I think this is the funniest picture I've ever taken of them. If I knew what they were doing, I'd tell you. But I have no idea. It looks like they were doing some kind of crazy cha-cha-cha up the hill.

Ooh, quick. Grab your spoon. You're gonna want to eat this one up.

I'd taken some Gatorade for the boys to drink, forgetting what a MESS it makes of their faces.

When I pointed it out, Jakey tried to cover up the offending evidence.

We hung out for a few more minutes on the park side before heading back over to the ramps.

Skateboarders aren't the only ones who use the ramps ... cyclists use them, too. And they're brave.

Nathaniel and Nicholas aren't intimidated by the other skaters' skills ... they just keep on, keepin' on, practicing and trying to get better.

There are tons of kids down there ... they love watching each other perform. They're very patient about waiting their turns, too. I guess they use that time to catch their breath.

Nick spent a fair amount of time watching the really good skaters ... I could see the wheels turning in his head, trying to figure out their technique.

They gave him plenty to aspire to ...

If you live within driving distance, I highly recommend driving in to Railroad Park in downtown Birmingham ... we love it!


Tamar SB said...

These pictures are AMAZING! Glad you're enjoying warmer weather, goodness knows I am ready for some of it up here in Boston!


Rachel said...

That's so cool. One of the things I miss about living in the city is having parks to go to.

Kate said...

Great pictures! What a beautiful day for the park... We need to take the kids down there one weekend.


I love how boys play so hard!!!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Tamar, it's beautiful here again today, with highs in the high 60s. Gorgeous! This is the time of year when it's nicest to live here.

Rachel, we love our parks!

Kate, yes, you do! Let me know if you ever want to meet down there.

Sherry, they certainly do! Our boys play SO hard, sometimes I think they're just gonna collapse. :)

Unknown said...

Hello, from one B'ham mom to another! I have yet to make it to the Railroad Park, but can't wait to do so.

You can visit me at www.motherhoodunabridged.com and www.magiccitymom.com

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