Aug 1, 2010

Things I love: on sale

I have an ongoing problem with being overserved. My problem isn't alcohol, though; it's sweets. Ice cream is a particular weakness, which is why I like these gelato bowls and paddle spoons from Williams-Sonoma. Right now they're 50 for $7.99, and they're like automatic portion control. Wanna hear something wild? They're made in Florence, Italy, from cornstarch, so they're biodegradable and even compostable. Veddy intedesting.

Another item that caught my eye this week is the Small Recharge Station from Pottery Barn. We have the large version, and it sits on the computer desk. This one would take up less room but can still charge three items at once, and it's on sale right now for $29.99. One word of caution, learned from experience: if more than one of the items you want to charge has one of those bricks on the end of the cord, it will be hard to charge them all at the same time. (So I don't know about that center charging station in the picture: truth-in-advertising? I have my suspicions.) Still, I think this would make a great gift for someone who loves their electronics.

While perusing the Bed, Bath & Beyond site, I came across the jumbo set of Bendaroos, on sale for $10.49. That's 500 pieces for $10.49. Pretty good price for a kid's birthday present. Of course, I wouldn't give it to a child whose parents I actually LIKE and want to remain friends with, because I really hate these things. But this is a good price for something I hate.

Also at Bed, Bath & Beyond, I noticed this goodie: the Double Curved Nickel Shower Rod, on clearance for $44.99. Do you know what I love the most about this? It leaves a whole rod free for hanging damp towels to dry. Do you know who needs this? THE PEOPLE WHO OWN THE BEACH HOUSE WE STAY AT EVERY SUMMER. I am seriously considering taking my own over-the-door towel rack next year, because two towel rods for five people with beach towels, bath towels and wet swimsuits are simply not adequate. AT ALL.

Lastly, I was poking around Restoration Hardware and saw these pillows on sale. I love the block print that gives them a slightly weathered look. If I had a screened in porch and had dark wicker furniture on said porch, these Valencia Woodcut Pillows in red ($15.99 each) would be a great addition. They come in several different colors and look pretty sophisticated to me. And they're 50 percent off, by the way (yes, I agree that's ridiculous). (Although if you read a lot of shelter blogs like I do, you know that even $32 for a single pillow is considered a complete STEAL in those circles.)

These are all simply things I like that happen to be on sale. I have no affiliation or agreement with any of the companies. Happy shopping!


Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

Wow, love those ice cream bowls so much!

Sewconsult said...

I bought larger charger stations for several men in the extended family for Christmas (a few yrs ago). They were a hit.
Wonder how fast the bowls will disintegrate? Might have to eat really quickly!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Pati, welcome! I like the bowls, too. But Beckie's comment cracked me up ... I hadn't thought that they might "biodegrade" right before our very eyes! ;)

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