Aug 2, 2010

Also known as 'gluttons for punishment'

Our weekend wasn't jam-packed with activities, but what activities we DID have were exhausting -- and fun! Saturday morning we went to my cousin Lesley's house for two of her three sons' birthday parties. It was a brunch and the food was FAB. My favorite moment of the morning was when Branum (5) blew out the candles on their joint birthday cake three times, with George Emory (7) getting nary a chance.

Finally Lesley had to, um, restrain Branum so that George E could have a turn.

Grayson and the big boys left that party around 1:00 to go to the second birthday party of the day -- a roller skating party -- but Jake and I stayed at Lesley's until 6:00. Since the party started at 11:00, it was a long day! The roller skaters had a GREAT time at their party (ohhhh, how I wish I'd been there to take pictures, because Grayson skated, too), and they got home around 5:00. We were all completely pooped on Saturday night.

Yesterday morning we got up and drove over to Anniston, Ala., which is roughly halfway between Atlanta and Birmingham. We were meeting my friend Monica and her son Scott for lunch and to play at a nearby playground while they're in the States visiting from Italy, where her husband is completing an academic fellowship.

Can you read what the temperature was while we were driving to Anniston TO PLAY OUTSIDE?

102 degrees. That is a full 32 degrees hotter than 70 degrees.

While the boys hopped around in the water, I was REALLY wishing I'd brought my suit so I could, too.

Scott enjoyed it, too ... he loves water.

The boys just ran and played for two hours.

While we adults sweated our sweet a**es off. (And I promise you that it was hot enough to deserve bottom-related profanity.) When I used the restroom at the park, pulling down my shorts felt like rolling down a wet swimsuit, I was so sweaty. (Don't look away. You come here for the gritty details. I'm like the Breaking Bad of blogs.)

Just looking at this picture SO makes me wish I'd run through that water. With the heat, I would have dried off in no time.

There were no arguments or shoving while we were there. Everyone played so nicely together.

And you've gotta love a kid who just goes All In.

You'd think the slides would have been too hot for the kids, but no. They enjoyed them, as well.

Monica and I have been friends since high school ... since 1987. We haven't lived in the same city since 1991. I can't tell you how much I treasure friendships with women who've been around since way back when. There's something about shared history that means something. And when people really make the effort to stay in touch, to be sure that you're on their list when they visit from Italy, it touches your heart.

Here's to friends, old and new, near and far.


Chris D. Hilton said...

Temp 102, speed 82 MPH, camera in hand, angle straight in line with steering wheel, driver making photo?, 3 children in safety seats. One good thing out of six isn't bad. Hope the state police aren't followers! Nothing better than personally documenting your own driving infractions! By the way, if its made with your phone it may also document the GPS coordinates. Wouldn't that be a prosecuting attorneys dream come true? Oprah should start a no photos while driving pledge. As one with a lead foot myself, I couldn't resist the temptation to comment.

Love, Chris

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

That's WEIRD. My speedometer must be broken. Or it's an optical illusion. Or perhaps the intense heat drove my speedometer up.

paige said...

You know what else I see? 80mph. While taking a photo. Not that I'm saying it's bad, just that I noticed how committed you are to the blog.

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