Jul 31, 2010

My sister's been going through withdrawal

I guess I didn't post enough pictures of the boys this week, so on this typically light-traffic day, I thought I'd throw my sister a bone.

It's just been hard to get any good pictures of them, because our forecast has looked like this (or worse) for weeks on end so we haven't been outside much:

But Thursday night I was The Hero. I brought these home after work:

Everyone was beside themselves with excitement, even though that's not necessarily evident.

But sirrusly, they couldn't WAIT to get their hands on them.

Nathaniel: "Mommy, next time can you get a whole DOZEN of the chocolate-iced creme-filled kind?"

Me: "Buddy, you and I are the only ones who eat that kind."

Nathaniel: "EXACTLY."

Nick's favorite is chocolate-iced glazed with sprinkles.

Andn unbeknownst to me, Jakey has a new favorite: chocolate-iced glazed. But I didn't know that in advance, so he just got glazed.

Luckily he seemed to like it OK.

Next time I'll know.


Sewconsult said...

First you show me you are melting in the heat (as we are), but then you show me the "melt in your mouth goodness" that KK doughnuts are. I was going to have a little sympathy...not on your life. Because I have been in bed for the past 35 hours with a pinched nerve, I stepped on the scales and saw a huge drop in weight. BUT NOW you show me doughnuts! Yes, your kids are cute as pie (uh, doughnuts), but YOU are CRUEL for tempting me with yeasty, melty, sweet, delectable goodness that my lips have not touched for more than a year. Bad girl! (LOL) Eat one for me.

paige said...

Thank goodness you showed pictures of Krispy Kreme because I nearly lost consciousness when I saw that forcast. I DO NOT MISS THAT WEATHER. I'll take the sunny but seventy-four degree weather here, thanks.

Sarah T. said...

Yay!!! Made my day, thanks!

Rachel said...

I really like the blueberry ones. Get me one too, next time.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Beckie, I'm sorry to hear you've been bedridden! Sorry to tempt you with the Krispy Kremes. They really ARE to die for.

Rachel, blueberry? Never had one. I'll have to try it!

Sarah T. said...

This is the 4th time I'm looking at them today, so your efforts were well-appreciated.

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