Aug 28, 2010

Rockin' the dentist's office

I took the boys in for their six-month teeth cleanings late last week. They started out happily hanging out in the playroom adjacent to the waiting room.

I love how the big boys always include Jakey.

They were entertained for about 15 minutes, then came trooping back out to see me and grab some reading material.

Nathaniel chose Parenting Magazine (over Highlights, which surprised me). Nick chose a Diego book.

Jakey chose National Geographic. No kiddie stuff for him.

They busied themselves reading until we got called back.

Nick had to have x-rays taken, which he complained about because the spacers "cut his mouth."

Jakey, who's cutting his 2-year molars, and I stood out in the hallway while the x-rays were being completed. He's been chewing on his left hand CONSTANTLY since these teeth started bothering him. His hand smells like an old shoe all the time now. Gross.

Nathaniel got settled in with his hygienist, and he did great for his cleaning.

Dr. Mike gave him a great report when he came in to check on him. No cavities!

Meanwhile, Nick started his cleaning. He also held his own, with no fussing and was very obedient with the hygienist. NOW IF ONLY WE COULD TRANSFER THAT OBEDIENCE TO SCHOOL.

Then it was Jakey's first time! He came with us last time to "observe" so that he'd know what was going to happen this time. He wasn't scared at all and hopped right up in the chair. And the hygienist had some helpers when she got to Jake, as you can see.


I thought he might argue with her about the cleaning, but he didn't.

If anything, he wanted me to stop with the pictures already.

When he was all done, Dr. Mike came back in and checked out both Nick and Jake. No cavities for Jake! But we need to floss.

No cavities for Nick! But we need to floss.

I don't know about you, but flossing a 2-year-old's teeth wasn't exactly on my Bucket List. I could go the rest of my life without fighting that particular battle.

Jakey didn't like the sound of flossing ... particularly after just having had it done ... so he wouldn't pose with Dr. Mike. But the other two did. They like him ... he's great with the kids!

We probably ought to celebrate the absence of cavities with some ice cream tonight. What do you think Dr. Mike would say?


Sarah T. said...

Love this!

Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

WTG boys! After I flossed my 2-year-old's teeth for the first time, I felt like I could do anything... i.e. wrestle with an alligator!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

SET, I can't wait for you to get here!

Pati, I totally understand. I think I could wrestle a gator, too!

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