Aug 27, 2010

What's in your purse?

Over at Petit Elephant, Allison's been doing a What's in Your Purse Series. I've been enjoying it, so I thought I'd share my own version with you.

Vera Bradley, yellowbird pattern, discontinued*

When I went to dump it all out, I was actually surprised at how LITTLE was in it, because it's so darn heavy. The only things I left out were my four (FOUR!) checkbooks, only two of which I use with any regularity at all and which I should stash at home in a drawer.

TANGENT: The reason I don't leave them at home in a drawer is because I have a friend who had some people visit her home who snooped in her drawers and ended up taking several blank checks with them when they left. They then USED the checks, and although she eventually got it all worked out with her bank, it was a huge inconvenience to her.

Anyway, I left the checkbooks out of the picture, but everything else is just as it was yesterday afternoon:

1. Two pairs of sunglasses from Target, which sadly replaced My Favorite Sunglasses of All Time by Fossil, which I lost at Disney World on Rockin' Rollercoaster in January.
2. A little Vera Bradley notepad and Pilot pen so I can jot down the 20 things a day I'd forget if I didn't jot them down.
3. The bag of verboten pacis that I threw in my purse when we left the beach last month so that there wouldn't be a risk of Jake seeing them on the drive home or of them showing up in our luggage when we got home. Mission accomplished. Here it is six weeks later, and I just found them.
4. A Mickey Mouse cell phone, tucked in my purse in case of a toddler meltdown that a forgotten toy MIGHT cure.
5. My wallet, also in the Yellowbird pattern by Vera Bradley, also discontinued.
6. A soft baseball we got for free at Park Day in May, courtesy of Great Clips hair salons. Used to distract Jakey occasionally.
7. Keys
8. A pack of Orbit spearmint gum
9. My little catch-all bag, a long-ago Clinique Free Gift, that holds my tape measure, lipstick, nail clippers and a tee-tiny sewing kit.

One of the side pockets holds my ID badge for work, and the other holds my cell phone.

And then we get to the Personal Pharmacy. This purse has a large zippered pocket on the rear side, and I keep some of the most important items of all time in it:

Do you particularly like how I have the same number of items in the pharmaceuticals aisle of my purse as I had in the main compartment?

1. Ibuprofen (three at the onset of a headache)
2. Extra-Strength Tylenol (mostly for other people now that I know it doesn't help my headaches)
3. Pocket spray Listerine
4. Pocket spray Neosporin (I can never reach for the Listerine in the movie theatre, because Lord knows I can't tell those two things apart by shape in the dark. SIMILAR PRODUCT DESIGN FAIL.)
5. My high-octane prescription migraine meds
6. Band-Aids
7. Eyedrops
8. Sample of Treximet, a new migraine med that my friend Honor (a nurse practitioner) wants me to try. (I've been reluctant because what I have works about 85 percent of the time, but at some point I'm gonna give it a go.)
9. A completely decimated box of Sudafed for use when I am caught off guard by a cold and can't breathe at work.

And now you know way more about me than you ever wanted to. How that makes this day any different than any other day, I couldn't tell you.

What's in your purse?

* I buy all of my purses off of eBay, where you can get lots of Vera Bradley items in discontinued styles and fabrics from sellers who live in non-smoking homes. I have gotten purses like that at 75-percent discounted prices, so it's well worth a look!


Mommy Kerin said...

I also carry an entire Pharmacy in my purse. Mainly because of my own health problems and because I'm allergic to everything.

It was really fun getting to know you through your purse. I've always thought you could learn a lot from a person by what's in her purse. That's why men should be forbidden to ever go into it. ;)

I plan to do this soon. I will probably wait until my computer is back or until I get my new laptop (for my birthday and which I have not spilled about on my blog yet shh) and I will link back to you in mine when I do!


Meredith said...

I'm always impressed by people who carry things just in case. I am never prepared, although I have learned to keep advil, sudafed, dental floss, & tweezers in my car.

My purse (a VB handbag in Rasberry Fizz) has my keys in the outside pocket. The 5 inside pockets contain: (1) a HUGE bundle of receipts, gift cards, store coupons (Kohls, Bed Bath Beyond, Gymboree, Carters), appointment cards, and punch cards for free things after a bajillion purchases, (2) a lipstick & chapstick, (3) crayons, (4) key fob to husband's car, and (5) one bandaid & one wet wipe. The inside contains my phone, Canon PowerShot camera, wallet (VB's all-in-one wristlet in Bali Gold), a check I need to deposit, a crayon & paper holder I bought on Etsy, a checkbook, 2 pens, a bib, a hair clip & stretchy headband, a small bag of unsalted peanuts, and a packet of Buzz & Woody fruit snacks.

That is a lot of crap now that I've typed it all out. I didn't even mention all the stuff I just threw away, either.


Megan said...

Treximet is amazing. Unfortunately when I got on insurance at my job (previous had no coverage) they demanded I start at the beginning with migraine meds. So I have to start all over and "prove" that the cheaper medications don't work. Drives me crazy.

Love the purse!

Carry Grace said...

My husband would be so happy if I would start carrying the "Pharmacy" in my purse, but I just can't make myself do it. Maybe I should, I'm not one to think ahead.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Kerin, I don't have allergies, but I get headaches often enough and the boys get "injured" often enough that all of this is necessary.

Meredith, I'm definitely a "just in case" kind of person! And I like the raspberry fizz pattern; I just don't have any clothes that it would coordinate with very well! And I had a spectacularly bad experience once when a bag of fruit snacks melted in my purse and oozed out, so I don't do that anymore. ;)

Megan, I had a migraine this morning and thought about trying the Treximet, but I chickened out and went with my regular.

Nikki, maybe one day you'll be convinced! Or, you could convince your husband to start carrying a purse. ;)

Petit Elefant said...

I'm loving how many binkies you have in there! That used to be me....

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