Aug 3, 2010

It's a good thing nobody pays me to write this stuff

I feel like you guys ought to win some sort of award for coming here every day to read whatever is here. Some days I think I post things that are worth reading. And other days I feel like I'm just slapping something up here because once upon a time (in a poll I'm too lazy to find and link to) you said you just wanted to see SOMETHING here every day, preferably words and not just a picture.

So here I am, ready to meet IF NOT EXCEED your expectations, with words. I know it would be really handy if they were strung together in some sort of cohesive fashion, but unfortunately that's not going to happen today.

I am about to run out of Q-tips. I bought my last three-box set at Costco, and it's been so long since I bought them that I can't even remember it. Out of curiosity, I checked and the box has 1,750 Q-tips in it. That explains why I can't remember buying it ... it was probably six years ago. That might be a record.

We've had Cutco knives for about 14 years (WE LOVE THEM), and I'd never cut myself with one until last week. I sliced a huge chunk out of the soft part of my left hand between my thumb and forefinger, and it KILLED. (I was peeling a tee-tiny apple with it, and my hand slipped.) Every time I've looked at my left hand with that lime-green Neosporin-soaked Band-Aid on it for the past week, it's made me feel like I was 5.

We cooked out with friends the other night, and while Heather and I were in the kitchen talking as she prepped, she noticed that Jake was eating their kittens' food out of a bowl on the floor (behind me). She asked him if it was good and he said yes. Then he watched us closely as he reached down and grabbed more. GRODY.

Due to an unusual set of circumstances, over the past month I worked at a different office building with just my laptop and a charger. No desk phone, no docking station for my laptop, no trash can, no binder clips, no headset for my phone, NO POST-IT NOTES ... it was like the freaking Dark Ages. Do you have any idea how many times you throw something away in the trash can during the course of a day? Hundreds. NAY, THOUSANDS. Well, perhaps hundreds if you are also without Post-It Notes. You don't realize it until you're away from your little space, but you really experience a surprising loss of equilibrium when you suddenly don't have your little 6x6 space with all your gadgets and Other Really Helpful Junk You Need to Effectively Do Your Job. Just last week I moved back to my cubicle at my office. HEADSET, I MISSED YOU.

Last Veteran's Day (Nov. 11 for those who don't have it committed to memory because they didn't rip apart one-quarter of their house's usable square footage on that day), I hired a teenager to come over and help me move all manner of things from our basement to our playroom (formerly the dining room) and then move everything that remained to the center of the basement so that I could paint it. It is now Aug. 3 (for those who don't know because they, like me, move through life without necessarily knowing what day it is), and the basement looks exactly as it did on Nov. 12 -- the day after The Bomb That Is Me hit it. The only difference is that it has indeed been painted. We are finally beginning to get it all put back together, and I hope to be able to walk through it without stubbing my toe soon.

You might have noticed my Tweet the other night that mentioned that Grayson bought $20 worth of pecans, walnuts and sea-salted almonds at the store. In addition to the nuts, he also bought two packages of Tollhouse cookie dough. If I needed more proof that I married the right man, he provided it in one fell swoop.

I don't know how many of you watch HGTV's Design Star, but this is my least favorite season ever. The challenges are crazy, boring and sometimes unfair, the designers keep doing the same thing over and over again (and making the same mistakes over and over again), and BOY the judges are mean. The fact that I'm not watching it until a few days after it airs ought to tell HGTV something. Mainly, Mark Burnett should stick to Survivor, because this Survivor/Design Star hybrid just isn't cutting it with me. And while I'm on the subject, it's a real shame they moved Color Splash to Miami, because David Bromstad, I just hate these designs you've been coming up with. GAW-DY.

WOW. Was this really better than nothing? I hope you didn't get to this point and throw up in your mouth just a little bit.


Grape News said...

I am so with you on the Design Star thing! I miss the British dude (I can't remember his name). And Vern Yip being mean? Just doesn't fit. It's so not like him. And then the next episode he's all nicey-nice. Huh? And they way they sometimes walk right by the contestants and not even smile? What's up with that? My fav/non-fav time was when Vern told them to "get out of here" (the studio) Again, huh?

Sarah T. said...

I loved it! Now just add a picture of the boys, and it'll be the perfect post!

Wade's World said...

I just got my own office since we moved into a new office space last Thursday. Before that, I had been borrowing someone else's desk when I was in the office. Just yesterday I turned in my office depot supply list for my new office goodies. Thank goodness for desk supplies!!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Grape, CLIVE! CLIVE! Yes, I miss Clive, too. I also miss individual challenges that made it easier to see who was really talented.

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