Aug 4, 2010

Loud. Just, LOUD.

If you were under the impression that it's ever quiet around here, please allow me to disabuse you of that notion. The noise level in our house is OFF THE CHARTS. If I didn't know better, I'd think my boys spend their day at school sitting quietly at tables, eating gobs of food and then resting for two hours on cots. Because that's how they act when they get home: like they have 10 hours of energy to burn off because they've spent all day being quiet as mice.

Last night Grayson was at a Cub Scout meeting, and as I was cleaning up around the den I decided to pick up the video camera and give you JUST A SMALL SLICE of my reality.

If it weren't so hot (actual temperature 101, heat index of 111 today), they'd get to play a lot more outside at school. And I'd also be sending them outside after we get home, but it's just. So. Hot. I will be so thankful when the cooler temperatures arrive in October. At this point, I'd settle for mid-80s.

Because in the evenings right now, if they're not running around yelling like banshees, they're most likely wrestling and yelling like banshees. I know Grayson's sister Debbie is going to have a heart attack -- much like the one Patrice speculated she would have upon seeing these pictures -- but this took place about three minutes after the first video I shot.

Yes, it bothers me that they wrestle so close to sharp corners. I ask them not to do it. It is a losing battle. (And Jake was fine, by the way. He jumped right back into the fray.) I ended up sending one of them to their room after a particularly rough shove last night. Even when they're playing rough and sometimes hurting one another, for them the fun of it seems to outweigh the pain. Last night when it was annoyingly rough-and-tumble, I said, "One of you is going to get hurt. And when it happens, you're not going to be laughing anymore. You're going to be crying. And I'm not sure how sympathetic I'm going to be." And Nicholas answered, "Mommy. We will only be upset we got hurt if we have to go to the hospital."



jennhenders said...

This is SUCH the scene at my house, too. Except that somebody (ahem, Matthew) would've been hurt already. And Nick's answer at the end...the voice of reason. Too funny! Thank you for sharing, Kat. And good luck!

Sarah T. said...

Jake making himself dizzy and falling into the couch cracked me up.

Lacy said...

HILARIOUS! I love how Jake is just running in circles! Made me dizzy! LOL! They look like they're having a blast!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Jen, with your three boys I bet it's VERY similar at your house!

SET and Lacy, I'm laughing because I didn't even notice Jake spinning in circles until after you both mentioned it. I had to go back and watch that one again, and then I got the giggles because he was so cute about it!

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