Jul 19, 2010

Happy Monday! (I think.)

I'm -- as usual -- writing this post the night before it's set to publish, and that means that it's Sunday night around 11:05 as I begin to write. On this PARTICULAR Sunday night, I am just home from two days on the lake with friends, two days of rip-roaring fun with noise levels to match. Five adults and seven children converged upon one house, and quite a time was had.

We played and played, and played some more, and while I'd love to type it up for you now, my feeble brain and muscles are about to fail me.

I'm beginning to think that Mondays should be my Blogging Holidays, because it's the day that's most overwhelming for me from a blogging standpoint. Usually Mondays follow a weekend, and usually my weekends are photo-heavy. And then on Sunday night I am totally brain-dead.

Not that that's too different from any other day of the week ... For example, last Thursday I e-mailed Grayson around 3:00 and said: "Hey. I just found out that it's Thursday. I have Bunko tonight. Do you mind if I go?" SERIOUSLY. Someone at work had come to me at 2:28 and asked me if I was going to this 2:30 meeting, and I was like, "That meeting's tomorrow." And he was like, "No, it's today." And I was like, "What day is it?" And when he said "Thursday," I WAS FLOORED. I hope I played it off. I don't want people to realize think they're working with an idiot.

So my goal for this week is to always know what day it is. Because I think goals should be somewhat rooted in reality, and I feel like this is a goal I could actually attain. One day. If I'm really lucky.



Sarah T. said...

I don't know how you blog as much as you already do!

Jonah said...

Happy Monday to you to!

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