Jul 20, 2010


I know I promised pictures of our Wonderful Lake Weekend today, but it took more than two hours last night to get the pictures uploaded to Kodak Gallery so I could send them to, you know, the actual people who were THERE. And I really felt like that was important, that our hosts and fellow guests see them before they showed up on the ole blawg. Sometimes I'm considerate like that. (And sometimes I'm not. I'm an enigma.) So, lake tomorrow. Probably.

Luckily, the other people in my house provided me with a little blog fodder last night, one that only involved uploading a few pictures. (I know. You're thinking, "God bless 'em. Finally she'll post something I can skim in fewer than five minutes.")

This is a very common sight in my kitchen:

In case you can't tell, that's about 10 recyclable items stacked BESIDE the recycling can. If it's full and we have overflow, that's one thing. But here's what the inside of the can looked at that moment:

It was about one-third full. I KNOW, RIGHT? Apparently I am the only person in my house who knows how to break down boxes. Three minutes later [insert Kung Fu Panda swishy-swishety noises here], I had this:

I HAD ROOM TO SPARE. I am very talented.

OR very easily manipulated. Because Ray Romano outed all men with an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond several years ago when he was trying to get out of doing something and he explained, "I agree to do it, and then do it SO BADLY that she will never ask me to do it again." I would get angry about that on behalf of all women, but it's a tiny bit brilliant.

However, I suspect that it's also the reason I'm the only person in my house who can effectively load a dishwasher or make a bed. Huh.


Patrice said...

I remember that episode. And it DID tick me off, and I remember thinking, "ohhhh, that is so true... and just what they want you to think. punks. pure laziness." MEN!

Sewconsult said...

Since I tend to break out in song occasionally, I have a little ditty that I sing when I load the dishwasher. Something along the lines of "I have the talent, I can load the dishwasher, wonder why..." doesn't necessarily rhyme or have the same words each time, but got the message across to the family. Best sung in an operatic tone!

Rachel said...

I refuse. lol. There are few things around the house that I don't do but those that I don't, I absolutely refuse. Makes for some entertaining conversations sometimes.

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