Jul 18, 2010

In which I push the limits of your tolerance for kid-related posts

Would you follow me to the ends of the Earth? No?

What about to that place with the giant rat who wears a midriff T-shirt but isn't supposed to totally freak out your kids? (They were really rockin' their thinking caps when they came up with that concept.)

Yeah, THAT guy. That's right; on Friday night we took the kids out to eat Mexican (food) and then drove over to Chuck E. Cheese's (where a kid can be a kid IF you can stand the stench of cheap pizza, 2,000 kids bumping into you from behind as they navigate the too-small game area, and you don't mind paying for the privilege).

We actually don't eat there anymore; we eat elsewhere and then go take advantage of the 105 tokens for $20 deal and let the kids play 'til the tokens run out.

STEP 1: Count the tokens out into PRECISELY EQUAL PILES because the boys are eagle-eyed Masters of Equality.

STEP 2: Deposit precisely equal numbers of tokens into three cups. (Check out Master of Equality Numero Uno over there on the right. FOCUSED.)

STEP 3: Get thee to the game room. Watch Jakey literally hit the "jackpot" on one of the games, which promptly spit out boatloads of tickets for him.

Turns out, the jackpot is worth 50 tickets. FIFTY TICKETS THAT WILL BUY YOU THE BEST CRAPOLA IN THE WHOLE WORLD!

STEP 4: Recognize the irony when Nicholas plays the same game and wins only four tickets.

STEP 5: Grin as you realize that Nathaniel "gets" the irony.

STEP 6: Turn in your tickets so you can exchange them for THE BEST CRAPOLA IN THE WHOLE WORLD. (The fact that the "loot" is stashed behind glass seems to make it all the more exotic.) (It's the same stuff you can find under our couch cushions, but I guess the glass case gives it more cache.)

STEP 7: Tally up the three boys' ticket totals. Someone had 147.

Someone had 92.

And someone had 124.

Guess who had 147.

JAKEY. That jackpot put him over the top.

And if you stuck with me this long on a post that centered around Chuck E. Cheese's, YOU ARE A BETTER READER THAN I. Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with some pictures of another weekend at the lake with friends. I feel reasonably certain that it will surpass the good time I had at Chuck E. Cheese's. But then, I've always been a Glass Half Full kind of gal.


Sewconsult said...

What did Jakey get for his jack pot load of tickets? Thankfully, my girls didn't like Chucky Cheese. We went once on a "field trip" and they never ever asked to go back.

Carry Grace said...

Ha! I read the whole thing. I guess I wanted to be sure you hadn't found something extremely exciting there that I didn't know about yet. We go from time to time, but eat somewhere else first too.

I have to get my own tokens so I can play skeeball.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Beckie, the one with all the tickets was a ball thing at which you inserted one token, pressed a button and a ball came down a tube and rolled around a revolving plate with holes in it. Each hole was assigned a ticket value. Whichever hole the ball rolled into indicated the number of tickets that would be generated. Jake hit the "Jackpot" hole on his third or fourth play.

Nikki, no, we didn't find anything new and exciting there. ;) But we all LOVE Skeeball!

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