Jun 10, 2010

Just another American Wednesday night

I feel like you all have been suffering from a lack of my trademark sarcasm lately. I would love to remedy that today, but I can't think of any. I'm off my game, Internet! I don't know what's wrong with me. Have the blistering 95-degree days of this Alabama Summer stripped me of my sharp tongue? I don't even recognize myself.

Having said that, Summer has most definitely arrived. When I walk outside, I begin to melt. Little beads of sweat form at the edge of my hairline as soon as I step out of the car at work. By the time I get inside the building, I'm full-on glowing.

So aside from my ghastly perspiration issues, there are other signs that Summer is here, as well. Last night was chock full of the signs.

When I got home from work, I wanted to fix something quick, easy and relatively light for the boys for supper so that they could eat quickly and we could scoot back out the door. I started with their compartment plates (we have yellow, blue, green and turquoise, and I love them!):

The first addition was the sunflower seeds, although Nathaniel was quick to point out that they were unsalted and therefore not as good as "the usual ones." He is right. Salt makes everything better.

Next I added a peanut butter and honey sandwich. (Jakey has trouble swallowing the crusts, so I usually cut them off for him.)

Next I added a cheese stick. I know cutting your own cheese off a block is better, but I just don't make the time for it.

Up next was Jakey's special request: Cheese-Its. Because I knew we were about to leave him behind and he was going to be sad, I caved and let him have them.

Lastly, I added the yogurt.

I know it's not the healthiest meal on the planet, but it's not McDonald's. Therefore, I consider it a victory. And it was VERY WELL RECEIVED, I might add.

The big boys didn't want to have their pictures taken while they were eating, but sometime I'll have to take a picture of their plates. Trust me ... they are CUTE.

Back to the other Signs of Summer I spied last night at the house ... Nathaniel's stack of library books, ready to be exchanged for a new set tomorrow. (He'll probably have read four or five more by then.)

Another sign: tomatoes ripening in the kitchen window.

Our friend Brett brought them with him on Sunday night, and I can't WAIT to make tomato sandwiches with them!

And last but not least, as I mentioned earlier, I was taking the big boys out for a special event last night, leaving Jakey at home with Grayson.

That's right, Internet! Back to the ballpark. My friend Bonnie's son is playing All-Stars at the park where our boys played this season, and they wanted to go see him play.

Wish granted! Daniel had a great night, and we enjoyed it, too -- at least until the power transformer blew and the park shut down with only 14 minutes left to play!

Still, we got to see Daniel score a run, and I managed to hand out two Advil, one set of eye drops, an alcohol swab and a Band-Aid while we were there ... I am basically a walking, talking pharmacy. So I would call the night a success.

And P.S. Welcome to my newest Follower, Follower #77! I don't know who you are, but I love knowing you guys are out there somewhere. (I know everyone who reads doesn't Follow, and that's fine, too.) I promise that occasionally I am entertaining.


APA and NBK's Mom said...

Love the plate. Where did you get them? Too cute. Maybe you need an 'Ouch Pouch' for all of your first-aid supplies. I love the one I orders from Etsy. :)


Sarah T. said...

Jealous of your tomatoes. There is a dearth of ripe tomatoes here, and you know how that's like a knife to my soul.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

That Ouch Pouch is adorable! What will the kids of etsy think up next? :) And today I posted more info about the plates if you'd like one.

SET, I thought about you when I took those pictures of the tomatoes. I haven't eaten one yet, but I can't wait!

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