May 7, 2010

Why you should get your Twitter on

I held out on Twitter for a long time. I figured that with a blog, LinkedIn and Facebook, I couldn't possibly have a need to add yet another social media tool to my life.


Twitter has rapidly become my social media drug of choice! It's like Facebook, but without all the junk you don't want. No 500-word statuses from people who want to tell you way too much about their latest trip to the mall, no way for someone to ask you to send them a duck or plow their field, no navigating around a friend's ginormous Bejeweled Blitz high-score icon that just got thrown into your news feed.

Just simplicity. You can follow your friends, bloggers you like, celebrities, comedians ... and their little thoughts just pop into your account in short bursts that are quick and easy to read. You can Tweet and follow people, you can just Tweet, or you can just follow people. Just because you have an account doesn't mean you have to start Tweeting; you can lurk.

My favorites of the people I follow are probably my sister and my niece Kim (sorry, their accounts are both private, so it's mean to include them because you can't follow them), Patrice, Chris Jordan and dooce (bloggers), Michael Ian Black (comedian), Eric Stonestreet (actor on Modern Family), Aziz Ansari (actor on Parks & Rec), Craig Ferguson (late-night TV host) and Kristin Dos Santos (E! News). I follow 127 people, and it's still very manageable to keep up with them daily ... Twitter is QUICK.

And I post all my Tweets in my sidebar so you can see them all here, but if you don't read them over there, here's some of what you've missed over the last few days:

- I have triumphed over the Little Tykes playhouse. FINISHED! 
- I don't think Naomi Campbell did herself any favors on Oprah today. 
- It sounds as though 1,011 children are in my house right now. Alas, it's just three. 
- Bad weather spoiled our plans for the afternoon, so we're making a go of it indoors. Just like the Pioneers, except with TV and Internet.
- My sister will not be at all surprised to know that the ending spoiled "Up In The Air" for me. WHERE WAS MY BIG RED BOW?
- I know I'm in the distinct minority here, but I can only take Kristin Chenoweth in small doses. 
- Finally catching up on this week's Glee. Already making notes on which songs to buy. 
- At the ballpark, my second home. I ought to just bring a cot and some chocolate and move in.
- I have long been convinced that Lady Gaga is the new Madonna. Now I can prove it. "Alejandro" is her "La Isla Bonita." Listen!
SEE? I don't know how you're living without all that critical information! If you want to follow me on Twitter, click here. And for heaven's sakes, if you set up an account, leave it in the Comments so I can follow you!


RLR said...

Amen to all those reasons that twitter is better than FB! I am actually taking a self-imposed, non-Lent-induced FB break, and I fell better already. Hey, are you following me? I'm @momsmagic.

RLR said...

*that's supposed to be "feel"

Sewconsult said...

Other than connecting with folks that I have had no use for in the past 40 yrs, I have enjoyed FB for quick contact with extended family. I was de-friended by on classmate from high school who was offended because I asked him not to send me game request or signing up for extreme right political & religious groups. I really didn't want to know if he wanted to join some group that was just one step away from the Klan. Just stay away from me. I was relieved to find his picture gone from my list of friends one morning!

HandyFamily said...

I wanted to "twitter" long before I actually had a phone to "tweet" on! I follow you and your comment about triumphing over the little tikes playhouse made me laugh!

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