May 6, 2010

Little Tikes is trying to kill me

So I ultimately triumphed over the Little Tikes Endless Adventures Tikes Town last night, and I am inordinately proud about conquering it. TAKE THAT, TIKES TOWN.

The boys are already having fun playing in it and around it, most often so far with the basketball net that hangs on one side. It's one of the finer products Little Tikes makes, I think. But there are others, OH YES THERE ARE OTHERS, that I don't want my kids to have. Among them:

The Little Tikes Makin' Mud Pies Play Set

It has a hand-crank mud mixer with a pivoting head that goes up and down, a working sink, a strainer, shakes and lid, a pie mold, large mixing bowl, measuring cup and cutting board ... and the best part! It "wipes clean with soap and water"! BUT WHAT DOES IT CLEAN MY HOUSE WITH? When I was my boys' age, I would have thought this was the best toy on all the Earth. My sister and I used to make mud pies in the driveway and "bake" them in the mailbox, for goodness sakes. But now I am a parent, and there is NO WAY my kids are getting this. But at least it's only $40, so they're not charging you an arm and a leg to ruin your house.

Unlike the Little Tikes Young Explorer, which will set you back to the tune of $2,600. THAT'S RIGHT. Twenty-six hundred dollars, plus another hundred for shipping.

You know what it is? It's your kid's first cubicle. Not kidding.

  • Furniture features:
    • Flat desk area
    • Left and Right built-in mouse pads
    • Bench seat that fits two children and offers storage inside for supplies
    • Two locking cabinet doors
    • Computer wiring stores safely inside ventilated cabinet.
  • Computer equipment features:
    • Think Centre PC
    • Internal DVD-ROM
    • 160GB Hard Drive
    • Microsoft® Windows
    • Sound Card and Speakers
    • 19" Widescreen Flat Panel LCD Monitor
    • Custom Little Tikes Learning keyboard and Tiny Mouse

All that and educational software to boot. But $2,600 for something that's built for 3- to 7-year-olds? Nuh-uh.

And I have one last bone to pick with Little Tikes, namely that when you're talking about kids, the preferred spelling is actually TYKES. Even Blogger knows it. Please re-brand immediately. Thank you.


paige said...

I loved mud pies, too. Never thought about baking them in the mailbox, though (thankfully for my parents).

Sarah T. said...

I might have to buy that mud pie set for myself, especially since it won't stop snowing here every 3 days. It's snowing really hard as I write this. Damn mud.

Sarah T. said...
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