May 8, 2010

It's almost the end of the season

Last night Nathaniel had his last baseball practice of the season, followed by his team party. His last game of the season is this morning, so we're wrapping everything up. I had no idea when we started the season if he'd really enjoy it or not, but he absolutely has.

And when his coach was recognizing each of the boys individually last night, he said, "The thing about Nathaniel is, he's got that big, toothless grin. No matter if we won or lost, whether he got a hit or struck out, I could always count on seeing that grin. I don't think anyone chased the ball down like he did. Whenever it got anywhere near him, he rushed it and got it back to second. I never had to ask him to try harder or run faster; he just did it."

And all of that was true. He left it all on the field, every game, and he did it with a grin. I was so proud of him last night as he accepted his trophy!

Our head coach, Jason, had a lot of help from two other really encouraging men, Russ and Scott. Each of them had such nice things to say to Nathaniel about the way he approached the season, and they loved it when Nathaniel shook each of their hands and said, "Thanks for a great season!" as he was handing them their thank-you cards.

As I mentioned recently, I'm glad the season is wrapping up so we can have a little more of our life back, but I really will miss baseball, too. What an experience it's been ... THANK YOU, BRAVES!


jennhenders said...

I recognize Coach Jason. His youngest son, Emerson, is in my class this year and his oldest boy, Jack Henry, is Matthew's age and was in his class as a two and/or three year old. I see Hutson in the team picture so he must be Nathaniel's age. They are all about baseball as I remember. What fun!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

You're right, Jen! And they really are all about baseball. Lots of fun for Jason to be our first coach.

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