Mar 25, 2010

When it gets too quiet ...

I love how self-sufficient Jakey has gotten in several areas.

I mean, yeah, he still PREFERS to be carried down the stairs. But in general he wants to do everything all by himself if at all possible.

That includes getting his own food ... which is problematic when he wants to open his own yogurt and carry it around the house while he eats it. That kid leaves a liquid neon trail of Trix yogurt 20 feet long. ON MY CARPET.

So the other day when I was ordering a few new books for Nathaniel online, I suddenly realized it had been much too quiet in the kitchen for the last few minutes. THERE WAS A REASON FOR THAT.

When I walked in to check on him, he had the pantry door open and two different kinds of Teddy Grahams open, stuffing them into his mouth.

As hard as I try to keep that one particular door closed, there is a certain segment of our household population that doesn't try as hard as I do. Which means that This Guy can pull the door open easily, climb up on any one of a dozen Items Purchased in Bulk at Costco and grab pretty much whatever he wants.

This particular picture is blurry, but I'm including it so you can see his chipmunk cheeks. I'm telling you, he must have had 15 Teddy Grahams in his mouth.

That darn door needs a padlock.


paige said...

Awww. Jakey. How could you say no to those cheeks? A few thousand teddy grahams won't hurt.

Wade's World said...

Like you could say no to that cutie!

Sarah T. said...

I think he might have a sweet tooth, what with the Teddy Grahams and the syrup.

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