Mar 24, 2010

A weeknight without baseball

Weeknights without a baseball commitment of some kind are rare these days, but last night was one of them. Once we'd eaten supper and Nathaniel had finished his homework, we had a routine evening at home.

Gentle postcard Census reminder from U.S. Department of Commerce reminding me that our response is required by law? CHECK.

(Already mailed ours in, U.S. Census Bureau. Bazinga!)

Toddler running around with index fingers covering camera lens, all but sealing the deal against quality photographs? CHECK.

7-year-old relaxing in front of Something Very Bright on TV? CHECK.

7-year-old getting marginally farther away from TV at Mommy's request? CHECK.

Husband on laptop with Cherry Coke Zero and Smarties close at hand? CHECK. (Ceiling fan light kit in kitchen operating at full supernova capacity? ALSO, CHECK.)

Toddler moved to corner of Large Brown Couch to survey Johnny Test on TV? CHECK.

5-year-old with bad cough sacked out on Large Brown Couch with sword at the ready and plenty of cat hair nearby in case needed to battle foe with cat fur allergy? CHECK.

Precious toddler still tucked in corner of Large Brown Couch, still holding camera with fingers over lens even though camera is all but forgotten (until someone tries to take it away)? CHECK. (Massive amount of graininess in photo because I had camera on wrong setting and was too lazy to run photo through Patrice's de-grainer? ALSO, CHECK.)

5-year-old fighting off cough to rise to battle another day? CHECK. (Crooked art and broken plantation shutter in background of photo? ALSO, CHECK.)

Final picture of toddler in Buzz Lightyear shirt, still holding tightly onto camera and paci? CHECK AND CHECK.

It was a good, good night.


Laura and family said...

Ahhh, looks so relaxing. Glad your family enjoyed a night at home! It's so good to have a break periodically.

Side note: thanks for reminding me about the census form sitting on my kitchen table, begging me to fill it out...

As far as we know, Mitch is doing great now and hasn't had any more spasms or withdrawl symptoms. So weird! I wonder if he just had some kind of virus that affected his muscles. Who knows, but I sure am glad he's doing better!

Claire passed her newborn screen with a normal result (praise God!) so we don't have to go back to the doctor until the end of April. They tried to start her on medication for reflux but I think she does better without it. I guess being puked on constantly is just part of being a mom! I'll be lucky if I can ever go in public again with these two kids :)

Sewconsult said...

Stood on scales without glasses...check.
Turned on computer before coffee maker...ckeck.
Signed in @ blog...check.
Read Grass Stains...check.
Smile for the morning...CHECK!

Sarah T. said...

I miss my boys so much!

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