Mar 26, 2010

Mission accomplished

Recently I told you that Nathaniel had his sights set on a Nintendo DSi. I also told you that he was saving up to buy it himself, because we weren't going to buy it for him.

The one he wanted was $200 and he'd only saved about $90, so he was going to save until Christmas. Then last week my friend Lisa pointed out that if he didn't "have" to have a DSi, he could get a used DS for under $100. So we looked on Amazon Marketplace and found several. He found a red DS Lite for $85! That was all he needed to see; he was SOLD.

It arrived yesterday.

The packing peanuts were flying fast and furious. (Isn't that the phrase? It seems like it should be "fast and furiously.") He couldn't wait to get to that DS!

Once he got it open, he just wanted to hold it.

He was transfixed by its beauty.

Oh, the joy!

He brought it to me in the den after supper to show me how he could write on the screen with a stylus. (I was surprised he knew the word "stylus," but when I asked him how he knew, he looked at me with disdain and said, "Of COURSE I know the wud 'stylus'.")

Upon inspection, I saw that he'd written, "I am not gud at this." Why is it that when we're handed a live mic we automatically say, "Testing -1-2-3," instead of something witty like the most recent good joke we've heard? And when we're testing a pen or a STYLUS, we write something silly instead of something like a Bible verse or a to-do list?

Anyway, I was in the den with Jakey, who'd just caught sight of the new DS Lite and got very excited about it.

Nathaniel wasn't in the mood to share his new toy, but he WAS completely willing to let Jake play with his PSP.

At 23 months, neither of the older boys were aware of what a PSP was. Jake, however, knows that it is FAR superior to his Leapster and now will drop his Leapster on the ground if there is any possibility he can grab up a loose PSP.

JAKE KNOWS. And he loves it. He was completely enthralled by the High School Musical movie he'd started on it. He even danced a little bit, and Scoutie makes a cameo, too.


Sarah T. said...

Adorable. I'm so happy for Nathaniel!

Melissa said...

Does Jake actually play anything on his Leapster? I have been trying to get my little girl to "play" with a hand-held v-smile and she just listens to the music. If he does actually play - what game is it? We have leapster too - anything to get her to let me play with my iPhone and her brother with his iTouch!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Melissa, He prefers the PSP, which he doesn't know how to work! But our older boys played a LOT with their Leapsters when they were his age up until about age 4. They both liked the pre-school games; we have a Diego game, a Dora game, a Backyardigans game ... and several for the older ages, too. If you look on Amazon for pre-school games, they might have some good suggestions. Good luck!

Melissa said...

My little boy played with his Leapsters (yes, he had to have 2 because he scratched the first screen up so much because it went EVERYWHERE with him). I will have to see if she will play better with the hand-me-down Leapster than with the V-Smile. Thanks for the suggestions!
By the way - I love your blog! I don't blog because mine would be all photos - I am not the writer you are!

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