Mar 27, 2010

There are very few days that an 1,100-calorie meal can't cure

After an exceptionally long week and just prior to an extremely busy weekend, Nathaniel and I met Grayson, Nick and Jake at Chick-fil-A last night for supper. Balloons greeted us as we entered:

Do we eat here too often? I notice that the CFA cows spell "good" the same way Nathaniel does: "gud." Coincidence?

Nathaniel played on the indoor playground while we were waiting for the rest of the family to arrive, but soon came out and informed me that a sign inside said that you had to be 3 or under to play in there. I explained that that applied only for the Toddler Area under the slide, and that he just had to be below 54 inches tall to play in the room in general. He immediately measured himself:

Luckily he still has a few inches to spare. By his calculations, he "can still probably play in there for another year or two."

Even given our new-found confidence that he can, in fact, still play in there, he decided to explore the demo versions of some games on my phone.

His favorite game is Bejeweled, similar to the Bejeweled Blitz that he likes to watch me play on Facebook.

It was just a few more minutes before everyone else arrived and Jake got set up with his fries, chicken nuggets, and ketchup and honey for dipping.

That child is a Dipper.

Nick is, too. He discovered honey as a Chick-fil-A dip a few weeks ago when we were in Atlanta.

He needs at least two packets of honey with his nuggets now.

Jakey got VERY upset when Nick told him that he couldn't have his third packet of honey.

As soon as we rectified that situation, all was right with the world again.

As is often the case, the boys wanted to turn in their kids' meal prizes for kids' Ice Dreams.

Grayson, Jake and I each got a kid-sized Ice Dream, too.

You may notice that Jakey has officially graduated from high chairs in restaurants. Now that he's realized that he can reach most tables just fine, there's no going back.

I mean, clearly he's so grown up he's practically in college, and high chairs are for babies.

So are sippy cups that mommies fill up with diluted juice and take to restaurants. Big Boys drink out of straws.

We wrapped up our meal with a little more time on the playground, and then Nathaniel and I headed over to Retail Nirvana on our way home.

We needed snacks and drinks for tomorrow's baseball games; drinks, paper goods and Easter eggs for Sunday's Easter Egg Hunt at our house; and candy, chips and Easter eggs for Nicholas and Jake's Easter parties at school next week. And while I was there I picked up a new curling iron. We left with a full cart and drooping eyelids.

The rest of the weekend will be full of baseball and fun with friends and family. Bring it on!

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