Jun 24, 2009

A place for everything, and everything in its place

When we come upstairs from the garage every day, the kitchen is the Dumping Ground for everything that comes out of everyone's pockets, backpacks, etc. It is also traditionally known as a convenient place for kicking off shoes and leaving them in the middle of the floor where they can be tripped over. (Not my shoes, mind you, but there are a lot of people who live here besides me.)

But I am hoping that those days have come to an end. Why is that? Because I've been hoarding, my friends. I've been hoarding checks from my grandmother. Christmas check, Easter check, birthday check. I've also been hoarding gift cards. Over the last year I received three gift cards to Pottery Barn. All remained unspent and unredeemed until three weeks ago. And friends, three weeks ago I ordered THIS:

And it is finally here, in our kitchen. If you don't know what "this" is, it's half of an entryway suite from Pottery Barn. And I am hoping it revolutionizes our kitchen.

I was absolutely beside myself when the delivery company called to say it would be delivered last week. They said that not only would they DELIVER it, but they would also ASSEMBLE it. And assemble, they did.

When I came through the door from work that evening, the kitchen smelled like that magic scent of Almost Wood. Oh, wood-veneer-over-a-solid-wood-finish, how I love you so. You are so practical and useful for a family with three young boys. Please do not disappoint me.

One of the best things about The Arrival of the Furniture was that the family had already started putting it to use.

They'd plugged their PSPs and the video camera up to the handy-dandy charging station. (Mail was in that center tray above the charging station, but I'd already read it and tossed it before I took the pictures. Bummer.)

Grayson had put his wallet, keys, pen and lip balm into his basket. (I had done my part by pre-printing nametags for everyone and having them ready to go at the time of delivery.)

My basket was empty and waiting for me. [Blissful sigh.]

Nathaniel had put a letter from my mom in his basket.

And Nick's was empty, but that was OK because I was just pleased he was already charging his PSP. We can work on Basket Filling Skills later.

And O to the M to the G. SHOES WERE IN THE DRAWER, NOT IN THE FLOOR. Be still, my beating heart.

I am still walking on air.


Amy said...

AWESOME!! I love it!

RLR said...

Oh, we really need something like this!

Melissa said...

LOVE IT! I have started to order that a couple of times, but didn't. Pottery Barn/PBK is AWESOME!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Amy, I keep trying to comment on your blog, and I keep not being able to. It's frustrating, but I don't think it's your blog. I think it's my settings, somehow. Anyway, I check it several times a week and enjoy it!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Ryan Leigh and WSG, it has been WONDERFUL in just the week that we've had it. I know that the "shine" might wear off after a while, but it is really nice to have the added organizational space in the room we use the most. I was being literal when I called the kitchen our "dumping ground."

Lisa said...

Nice. Yea for hoarding.

Amy said...

Thanks, Katherine. As usual, I am behind on blogging. Weird, that you can't leave a comment. I double checked my settings, and they seem fine. Keep trying!

Anonymous said...

I need to start hoarding my pennies too. Our kitchen table is PILED HIGH with backpacks and school bags and mail and shoes and purses and....but then, do you think we would use it?

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