Jun 25, 2009

Hindsight is 20/20

Don't you think we're pretty safety-conscious today? With the exception of motorcyclists not being required to wear helmets in all states, it seems like we have fairly comprehensive safety checks in place for ourselves and our children.

Then again, I'm sure people felt that way back in the '70s, too ... but plenty of people I know rode around without seatbelts, and certainly none of us wore helmets when we rode our bicycles. Every once in a while when we get in conversations about "the old days," I hear things like this:

"Can you BELIEVE I used to sit on the armrest of my dad's truck on the way to church every Sunday? No seatbelt ... NO SEAT!"

"That's nothing! When I was a baby, I rode around in a BASKET on the floorboard of the backseat."

"Ha! My parents used to send us outside on our bikes at 9:00, and we would ride around all over creation for six hours before coming home."

It makes me wonder what we're allowing today that will look totally ridiculous in 20 years.

"Back around the turn of the century, motorcyclists only had to wear helmets. Full body armor didn't even EXIST."

"We used to set off fireworks WITH OUR BARE HANDS!"

"My parents changed my diapers on this table that DIDN'T HAVE RAILS or any kind of straps to keep me from falling off."

"We had these things called 'skateboards' that were just pieces of fiberglass that you rode around on standing up. Some people rode ramps and did big jumps on them and stuff. I KNOW."

"Our car only had six airbags!"

"I rode around in our minivan in a car seat with a five-point harness. WHAT WERE MY PARENTS THINKING?"

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