Jun 23, 2009

Black-and-gold magnets for Jonah are here!

In case you'd been wanting to purchase a magnet to support Jonah but weren't wild about the blue design, the shipment of black-and-gold magnets has arrived.

Originally conceived as the Wake Forest Demon Deacons' (Go, Deacs!) alternative to what we thought was going to be the Carolina blue magnet (but which turned out to be kind of turquoise), it might be a good fit for The Manly Men out there.

PLUS, the Deacons don't have a monopoly on black-and-gold things. As far as I'm concerned, if you are a New Orleans Saints, Pittsburgh Steelers (or Penguins!), University of Iowa or University of Missouri fan, come on out and enjoy the party. You Georgia Tech Yellowjackets could even tell yourselves they're black and yellow! We just want to get the word out about EB and precious Jonah.

Click one of the links in my sidebar to order the color of your choice through Jonah's Support Group. Thank you so much for supporting Matt, Patrice and Jonah!


Sarah T. said...

Uh, wow.

You clearly Googled "teams whose colors are black and gold," because there's absolutely no way in hell that you knew those teams' uniform colors. Or, for that matter, what sports those teams play.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Oh, puh-leeze. You've clearly commented on the wrong blog.

Or, you're exactly right.

Patrice said...


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