Jun 22, 2009

The best laid plans ...

Our weekend started out really nicely ... I slept in on Saturday morning, and we packed up and went to the pool on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, while we were there, I started getting a headache (I suffer from migraines).

When we got home, I took my medicine and took a shower in the dark, trying to keep the migraine at bay. Unfortunately, it didn't work. I went downstairs to sit with everyone while they ate supper, then played with the kids a little before bedtime ... but soon I had to head upstairs to begin the inevitable process.

It was a long night of searing pain, getting up countless times to throw up, and tossing and turning (gently) in the bed trying to find a position that caused the least pounding in my head. I think it's hard for people who've never had a migraine to grasp what being in the throes of one is really like. The pain is so bad that it's literally blinding, and you hurt so much that all you can do is eek out periodic bursts of prayer that God will spare you and return you to normal. But at that point, you can't even remember what "normal" feels like. Oh, the torture of a migraine. (WHINE MUCH?)

And all of this on Father's Day Weekend. I'd planned to be up early (for me) yesterday, to fix lunch for everyone, give Grayson the afternoon off so that he could take a nap and read a book, then take everyone out to supper last night.* Instead, I spent Sunday in the bed, still with the remnants of the migraine, taking more medicine and hoping it wouldn't come back full-force. At some point in the evening, Grayson brought me six Saltines and some apple juice, the first thing I'd eaten since lunch on Saturday, and still the only thing I've eaten since then. Post-migraine, I'm always reluctant to eat, because I'm so scared that it won't stay down. I might try something light for lunch today.

So Grayson's Father's Day 2009 was spent as a single dad with no break to speak of. I did manage to get downstairs around lunchtime to pull his gifts out (Season 2 of Rome on DVD and a new Krispy Kreme sweatshirt to replace the one he just threw out because it was threadbare). And he did take the older boys to a movie yesterday afternoon while I kept Jake (poor Jake ... I was basically a bump on a log), but I'd planned for it to be a better day for him.

So, to Grayson today -- a day late -- thank you for all that you do every day for the boys. They have so enjoyed the extra time with you this summer, and they idolize you. I know we get bogged down in the everyday frantic pace of life, but they are taking notice of you, and they are taking notice of the time you're spending with them. We all love you very much! Happy Father's Day from all of us.

* I bet you thought I was going to say "fix BREAKFAST for everyone." But Grayson didn't think I was going to say that. He knows.


Brenda is SO Blessed said...

I have migraines as well. Really the pits. and you are absolutely right---if you have never had one you don't understand. I am so sorry your day ended badly. hope you aren't 'ambushed" again too soon.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Brenda, I'm sorry you have them, too! What a drag. I honestly had been doing very well for a while with just one a month or so, but lately the rate has quadrupled. I'm hoping to get them back under control soon!

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