Jun 22, 2009

Why I'm all about cutting the people some slack

Late this afternoon, my sister sent me a link to a story letting All of Us Interested Parties know that The Gosselins filed for divorce today. I've watched the show for a little over a year now, and I've seen all the episodes, seeing as how TLC airs them about 50 times each in tight rotation.

It used to be roughly 80 percent about the kids, 20 percent about the parents. But over the last season, it became more of a 50/50 split, I'd say. And THIS season, even though we're only a few episodes in, it's become more like 80/20 in favor of the parents.

It's always been something I watched with the boys, but I deleted the first [very painful] episode of the season from TiVo before they could watch it, because -- let's face it -- it was really an adult episode. It was like a real-life episode of Thirtysomething, one of the really sad ones. The next two have been OK -- Emeril was pretty entertaining, at least, and his banter in the kitchen cut through the passive-aggression between Jon and Kate like buttah. Not as hard to watch.

Still, when I got the news today, I was sad for them. I'm interested in what they'll have to say tonight. I know that the majority of people feel as though they brought the media spotlight on themselves and they've done nothing but "feed the beast," but I truly do feel sorry for them, that their marriage has crumbled, their family is suffering, and right now it looks like irreparable damage has been done.

This is how my sister and I debriefed today from our thousands-of-miles-apart locations:

My sister: [Blank e-mail with a link to people.com]

Me: I'm not surprised at all anymore, but I AM a little surprised they filed today in advance of The Episode airing. And I hope they don't film anymore for next season, showing the breakup of the family, because I think it will be so hard to see the kids working through it. Of course, if they DO film it, I'll probably watch it. Or maybe not. I guess it depends on how apparent it is that the kids are feeling wretched. If it's too hard to watch, I'd give it up.

My sister: It surprised me that they filed before the episode aired, too, but they must've done it right before the court closed in PA, and hoped it wouldn't get out. I'm sure there were "news" organizations stalking the clerk's office, checking the filings every hour or so. It is sad, but they both seemed miserable. I haven't watched it since I saw it last at your house, but all the clips I've seen on "The Soup" and the internet made Kate seem vicious and Jon seem like a turd.

Me: I am able to get past it and continue to watch. I give them the benefit of the doubt because I bet if someone taped my life and edited it in a dark room without my input, I'd probably look vicious and Grayson would probably look like a turd. Ha!

My sister: Word.

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Rachel said...

This was the first I'd heard. My heart is breaking for all of them.

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