May 24, 2009

Things I love: at Williams-Sonoma

Let's be clear: I love to look at the Williams-Sonoma catalog, but I'm not a baker, nor am I a cook. Most of the things in the catalog are simply eye-catching to me, but not things that I would ever buy.

However, that doesn't take the joy out of virtual shopping!

Take this item, for instance. I can't think of anything that would make my backyard more of "The Place To Be" than our very own Beehive Pizza Oven. I mean, this thing ROCKS! A place for firewood, a neato-bandito flat pizza spatula thingie, and the oven actually bakes the pizza. However, it's the sort of thing I'd admire on a friend's patio, but would never actually use at my own house. Sort of like a chiminea ... I always love them elsewhere but have never really wanted one of my own.

When I flipped the page and saw THESE, my heart fluttered just a little bit. HOW CUTE ARE THEY? If I'd ever used a single one of the many specialty serving pieces I have, I'd be SO TEMPTED to buy these Ice Cream Cone Bowls. Festive colors, precious shape, and it would limit my ice cream intake to what could reasonably fit in the bowl. Unlike when I eat it straight out of the ice cream container.

Next up, the Glass Cappuccino Maker. I LOVE GAS STATION CAPPUCCINO. However, I am a gas station capp snob ... I don't like Starbuck's, Panera's or anyone else's capp. But if I DID want to branch out, wouldn't it be nice to have a maker for it in my own kitchen? Of course, I love milkshakes but don't have a blender. I'm great with the vision, not so good with the follow-through.

Toward the back of the catalog, I stumbled onto the Mode Premium Home Recycling Center. Now, we are a house that could totally use this. We recycle cans, paper and plastic, and it all goes into one bin (which my surrogate grandfather made for free), and we fill it up at least twice a week, if not more often than that. The Mode model has a built-in compactor (A BUILT-IN COMPACTOR!), doesn't require electricity, and has three separate compartments for all our different types of recyclables. IT ALSO COSTS $269.95. Did I mention that my little bin was FREE? If you can afford a $270 recycling bin, I salute you. I aspire to BE you.

And just across the page from the recycling center is the Simplehuman Steel Bar Step Trash Can. (When I typed it in the search engine to find a picture to post, I inadvertently typed "Superhuman." Which is probably more accurate.) I didn't pay $225 for my plastic trashcan, but then again, mine doesn't have a "fingerprint-proof coating to reduce smudges." SMUDGES are the least of my trashcan's worries, let me tell you.

I am TAKEN with these soaps. Now, I suffer from migraines ... pretty severe ones ... and one of my key triggers is strong odors. Doesn't matter if they're pleasant or not ... as a matter of fact, flowers will give me a migraine faster than a poopy diaper will. But the one scent I can stand in mild doses such as handsoap or dishwashing liquid is Anything Citrus. For whatever reason, I can handle citrus scents with (usually) no trouble at all. So I'd love to try ALL of these:

Persian Lime

Pink Grapefruit

White Tea (not citrus, but just sounds CLEAN)

And I'm TOTALLY BEFUDDLED BUT CAPTIVATED by the possibilities of THIS:

Olive Oil. OLIVE OIL. REALLY? I am bursting with curiosity. Does it smell like olive oil? Does it leave your skin feeling like you just rubbed pure olive oil on it? Does it make you crave Italian?

This month's catalog wrapped up with some Pretties. My favorite among them is the Square Mixed-herb Wreath. It wouldn't last long inside OR outside my house, what with our cat and curious children on the inside and our Birds Who Take Anything That Isn't Nailed Down outside, but it sure is nice to look at. Welcome, summer!

Thanks for wishing with me! Until the next installment ...


RLR said...

Ah, man! Did they kick me off the mailing list because I haven't ordered anything? I LOVE ME SOME W-S COOKING GADGETS! I usually stop in for the small-ticket items and 'sightsee' while I'm in there. The catalog, for me, is like reading a magazine with really short articles (that can be completely read and digested while waiting the the preschool pick-up line).
Loving the soaps. All of them. As for the rest? I'll enjoy them at someone else's house, too :)

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Ryan Leigh, I'll let you know if I try any of the soaps! They're the one thing I would really love to try!

Megan said...

So, I'm back and beginning to think that we would get along very well. I love looking through the Williams-Sonoma catalog too, regradless of the fact that I can't afford half of the stuff in that store! The little pizza oven caught my eye, but with a price tag like that the conventional oven will do!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Welcome back, Megan! In my opinion, there's no harm in window shopping! I LOVE to peruse the catalogs ...

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