May 23, 2009

Six songs that have no business being on my iPod (but are)

I'm really more of a singer-songwriter gal, more of a Bruce Hornsby-Shawn Colvin-Derek Webb-Miranda Lambert-Alison Krauss type. BUT:

6. This is the Night - Clay Aiken
5. Breaking Free - Gabriella & Troy (High School Musical)
4. Best of Both Worlds - Hannah Montana

3. I Fly - Hayden Panettiere
2. The Climb - Miley Cyrus
1. When You Look Me in the Eyes - Jonas Brothers

Because sometimes you just need a little candy. And yes, SET, it's OK to be embarrassed that you're related to me.


Sarah T. said...

I'm not embarrassed--I have at least 3 Britney songs on my running mix. I highly recommend "Unusual You" off her Circus album. It's actually a really great pop song.

Amy said...

I have #1, 2, 4, and 5 on mine along with every other HSM, and HM song!

Patrice said...

You didn't hear me say this, but my "song of shame" is Buttons by the PussyCat Dolls. I really like it. (Even though it's crude, disgusting, slutty, and many other negative things... but dang, that's one catchy tune)

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Ladies, I'll have you know that we're not the ONLY ones with Songs of Shame. People who are apparently too proud to Officially Comment have sent me e-mails or FB messages fessing up to having some of the same unfortunate hangups on cheesy pop songs!

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