May 23, 2009

Six songs that have no business being on my iPod (but are)

I'm really more of a singer-songwriter gal, more of a Bruce Hornsby-Shawn Colvin-Derek Webb-Miranda Lambert-Alison Krauss type. BUT:

6. This is the Night - Clay Aiken
5. Breaking Free - Gabriella & Troy (High School Musical)
4. Best of Both Worlds - Hannah Montana

3. I Fly - Hayden Panettiere
2. The Climb - Miley Cyrus
1. When You Look Me in the Eyes - Jonas Brothers

Because sometimes you just need a little candy. And yes, SET, it's OK to be embarrassed that you're related to me.


Sarah T. said...

I'm not embarrassed--I have at least 3 Britney songs on my running mix. I highly recommend "Unusual You" off her Circus album. It's actually a really great pop song.

Amy said...

I have #1, 2, 4, and 5 on mine along with every other HSM, and HM song!

Patrice said...

You didn't hear me say this, but my "song of shame" is Buttons by the PussyCat Dolls. I really like it. (Even though it's crude, disgusting, slutty, and many other negative things... but dang, that's one catchy tune)

Katherine said...

Ladies, I'll have you know that we're not the ONLY ones with Songs of Shame. People who are apparently too proud to Officially Comment have sent me e-mails or FB messages fessing up to having some of the same unfortunate hangups on cheesy pop songs!

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