May 22, 2009

Being very helpful

You know how sometimes you run across Web sites that aren't very helpful? THIS ISN'T ONE OF THOSE.

RunPee is devoted to making sure that those of us with small bladders (or people like ME who have the holding capacity of 20 men but who have small children with tiny, inefficient bladders) don't miss The Good Parts of movies.

Click a movie name on the left, then check the chart for the exact moment in that movie when it's "safe" to run to the restroom for a few minutes. They even estimate how many minutes you can be gone without missing anything critical. Some movies, such as Star Trek, even have MULTIPLE Pee Times. So helpful!

And don't miss the note at the bottom left that reads, "Follow RunPee on Twitter and get updates when new Pee Times are added." AN INSTANT CLASSIC.

What a happy coincidence to find such a wonderful site as we begin a holiday weekend! Happy movie-watching (and peeing) everyone!

1 comment:

Amy said...

Where do you find this stuff?!?!?

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