Apr 26, 2009

Par-tay boy

Yesterday we hosted Jake's 1st birthday party at our house. It was a small shindig, but he made it count.

You'll recall that his teachers at daycare treated him to his first piece of cake last week, on his actual birthday. So today was really his second. I think he loved it, but he can be so hard to read.

"Hmmm. What might THIS be? I do believe I need a closer look."

"This tastes ... how do you say ... FAMILIAR. I think I experienced this very thing last week AND I THINK I LOVED IT."

"I am Cake Drunk."

"When did Mommy change me into a long-sleeved shirt? OH. That's icing. I RULE."

"I have assessed the left side of this cake and have decided that it has been neglected. I shall now tear into it with gusto."

"I am in love. With cake. I am also the cutest thing I have ever seen."

"Tomorrow my boogers will be red. Can't wait."

"Daddy! You need to call 911. Mommy is going to need treatment for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. Now, where can I get more of that icing?"

"I am SO rockin' this cake demolition."

"This is the most fun I have EVER had!"


"What? She passed out?"

"C'mon, Mommy. Get up. It's my birthday! WHEEEEEEEE!"


Sarah T. said...

That cliche that you definitely loosen up with every kid is TRUE WITH YOU.
Not that you were ever uptight, but ohmygod. The icing is...everywhere.

Ang said...

Haha! Too cute! How fun.. I love babies and birthday cakes :)

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

SET, yep, I think in some areas I've just given up the fight. This is apparently one of them.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Angie, Welcome! How fun that you have three kids, too ... you know what this is like. Babies and birthday cakes are INDEED lots of fun.

brightleigh said...


That is absolutely wonderful, exactly how a 1st birthday cake experience should be. It might have been a good thing he was indoctrinated at daycare last week--at least he knew what to do with it!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Hi, Leigh! You're exactly right. And there's no turning back now. From now on, whenever he sees cake ANYWHERE, he's going to want some!

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