Nov 14, 2008

Good things

1. The first Pringle out of the canister
2. Buttered popcorn mixed with M&Ms at the movies
3. The last whole Ruffle in the bag, just before you get to the ones that "settled in shipping," which is Spanish for "were blown to smithereens"
4. A Chick-fil-A sandwich with no mealy bites
5. An ice-cold can of Coca-Cola Classic, when you're used to Coke Zero
6. Sneaking
eleven two bites of raw chocolate chip cookie dough while you're "baking"
The first carb after a protein diet
8. Sour cream biscuits. O.M.G.
9. Bite-size Butterfingers
10. Realizing at 11:00 at night that you still have two Weight Watchers points to burn. SCORE!

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