Nov 12, 2008

Bad things

1. The third day of a protein diet, when you REALIZE
2. Stubbing a toe
3. Winter + socks = unintentional shocks
4. Stale Whoppers
5. Getting a paper cut FROM A MANILA FOLDER
6. Buying a pack of peanut M&Ms at the gas station between Birmingham and Chattanooga and noticing 10 miles down the road that the packaging is torn, and being scared to eat them because THERE ARE CRAZY PEOPLE OUT THERE, PEOPLE
7. Having a need for suppositories
8. Whiners
9. Biting your tongue
10. Being totally dependent on the cable company for your phone, TV and high-speed Internet. And they know it.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

I've done the manilla folder thing before. It's pretty much the worst injury that one can inflict upon themselves.

And as far as the biting of the tongue goes, yes, that or biting the inside of your mouth. I am suffering for a week and a half old mouthsore from an accidental bite.

I must be really good at injuring myself, as these are the only two things I commented on. Hm. . .

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