Sep 8, 2006

Slices of Life, Vol. 10

Favorite Nicholas words of the moment: "Ess-truck" for UPS truck, "hop-pottamiss" for hippopotamus, "Thaniel" for Nathaniel, and "a waterone" for another one. He also sings about 40 percent of his ABCs correctly, with miscellaneous sounds filling in the blanks, can sing all of Row Row Row Your Boat (complete with arm motions) and counts to 12.


Nathaniel: "Mommy, I want to watch a movie."

Me: "OK. Which one?"

Nathaniel: "Rusty Cats."

Me: "What?"

Nathaniel: "Rusty Cats."

Me: "What?"

Nathaniel: [with great exasperation] "RUSTY [theatrical pause] CATS!"

Me: [lightbulb goes off] "Oh, ARISTOCATS!"


Non-sequitur of the month, courtesy of Nathaniel: Driving home from work/school on a rainy day, Nathaniel looked up and said softly, "Trees are birds' umbrellas."


I was listening to Nathaniel play with his astronaut Lego men recently, and he was doing a role play with them. It went like this:

Astronaut 1: "Hey, let's blast off in this rocket."

Astronaut 2: "That's a great idea, but you didn't say 'please.' "

Astronaut 1: [big sigh] "Let's blast off PLEASE."

Astronaut 2: "Great job being polite! BLASTOFF!!!"


We put Nicholas on the potty when he's interested, but I'm not planning to start full-on potty training until after he turns 2. However, signs are emerging that he is becoming more aware of how his GI system works. Case in point:

Me: [smelling something foul] "Nick-Nick, are you poopy?"

Nicholas: [pause] "Almost."


When Nathaniel is postponing going to bed at night, he'll often ask if he can stay up and watch my "design shows" with me. He offers entertaining commentary while watching, which cracks me up. So, we just painted the island in our kitchen red. Grayson was walking downstairs with the boys on the way to school last week. As they entered the kitchen:

Nathaniel: "Don't you think the island looks GREAT?"

Grayson: "Yeah, it does."

Nathaniel: "I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to Nick-Nick."


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