Oct 4, 2006



It’s so hard to put into words what you mean to me. You are, by turns, the most loving little guy and also the most temperamental child. Your extremes are so entertaining, and yet frustrating.

Your temper is the stuff legends are made of, my friend. You put up a fight about anything with which you’re not in 100 percent agreement, which is to say, most things. And you are so stubborn! You don’t back down, and you’d rather be put in time out than apologize for something you did or obey when you don’t feel like it. And while I want to be angry at you occasionally for that sort of behavior, you’re so earnest about it that it becomes kind of funny and you make me laugh.

You are also a very kind child at times, and you give great hugs. At the end of the day when I pick you up from school, you make me feel like the best mommy in the world. Your face lights up when you see me, and you come running at me full-speed with both dimples in full grin. It lightens my heart to the point where it feels like it will burst with happiness.

Everyone says you are brilliant. You communicate so well when you want to, and you have so many words and phrases under your belt. Dr. Amy, our pediatrician, was so impressed that you are already asking “Why” about almost everything, as you showed off during your 2-year visit.

At school you are definitely the Big Man on Campus. All the other kids in your class talk about you at home, and I worry that you’re going to grow up thinking you’re a rock star. Moms and dads tell me that their kids run around their houses at night yelling “Nick-Nick, Nick-Nick!” And as soon as we walk into your classroom in the morning, they all yell your name and run over to you. You are definitely a leader and very popular with everyone.

You are also dead-set on doing everything all by yourself. Whenever I start to do something for you, you say, “No, Mommy! I do it by self!” Then you report back to me, “I did it by self.” You are so independent and are going to be a great leader one day.


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