Aug 8, 2006

Slices of Life, Vol. 9

Funny phrase of the month ...Making a sandwich for Nathaniel's lunch the other day, I took out the last few pieces of bread, one of which was the heel of the loaf:

Nathaniel: "Mommy, NO! I do not WANT the Silly Piece!"

Of course, when I told this story at work, I was informed that it's not the HEEL, it's the END PIECE. So now we have three ways to describe one piece of bread: heel, silly piece and end piece. Anyone else??


The following conversation occurs every time Nicholas has a poopy diaper. Sense of smell on high-alert:

Me: "Nick-Nick, are you poopy?"

Nicholas: "No."

Me: "Nick-Nick, did you poop in your diaper?"

Nicholas: "No."

Me: "If I look in your diaper, will I see poop?"

Nicholas: "Yes."


It's funny how quickly you forget that having a 2-year-old around who is reveling in his new-found world of words is EXACTLY LIKE playing a never-ending version of that horrible game that kids used to torture each other in elementary school. And there's literally no way to get him to stop. Seemingly ever.

Me: "OK, boys, let's go!"

Nicholas: "OK, boys, let's go!"

Me: "Nicholas, hurry up, buddy."

Nicholas: "Hurry up, buddy."

Me: "Let's buckle up."

Nicholas: "Let's buckle up."

Nathaniel: "Where are we going?"

Nicholas: "Where we going?"

Me: "To school. We'll be there in five minutes."

Nicholas: "School. Five minutes."

Nathaniel: "Nick-Nick, Mommy just said that."

Nicholas: "Mommy said dat."


I thought I would multi-task a little last night. Nathaniel had just gotten off the potty, and I was ready to brush his teeth while he was washing his hands. Since both tasks occur right there at the sink, I saw no problem with this.

Nathaniel: "Mommy, What are you DOING?"

Me: "I'm going to brush your teeth."

Nathaniel: "Well, you CAN'T brush my teeth while I'm washing my hands."

Me: [mystified] "Why not?"

Nathaniel: "Because you did that five days ago. You brushed my teeth while I was washing my hands, and you asked me a question, and I was doing a LOT of things and I said YES when I meant NO."

Me: "Oh."


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