Jul 13, 2006

Slices of Life, Vol. 8

Favorite Nicholas words of the moment: "sungasses" for sunglasses, "kittles" for Skittles, and "read books in lap," to do just that!


After asking for a plum, Nathaniel only ate half of it before putting it aside and saying, "My tummy is full."

Me: "Well, you said you wanted it. Are you sure you're all done?"

Nathaniel: "Yes. I'm full." [pause] "Mommy, can I have some Smarties?"

Me: "I thought you were full."

Nathaniel: "Well, I have room for some SMALL things."


Nicholas' first five-word sentence: "Ah won wotch Bah-nee." [translation: "I want to watch Barney."]


Since Nicholas still lacks critical anger management skills and coping mechanisms, he sometimes just screams when he wants something and doesn't have time to communicate the need verbally. [Parental Sidebar: THIS WILL DRIVE YOU NUTS.] Recently Nicholas was screaming unintelligibly at Grayson in an attempt to get an unidentified object. As is usually the case in this circumstance, Grayson said, "Nick-Nick, use words. If you'll use words, I can give you what you want."

Nicholas: [screams] "WORDS!!!"


Yesterday on the way home from work, I'd brought about five Skittles for each of the boys as an after-school treat. Nathaniel quickly noticed that Nicholas wasn't eating with much gusto:

Nathaniel: "Nick-Nick, if you're not going to eat your green ones, I'll eat them. I LIKE the green ones."

Nick-Nick: [silence]

Nathaniel: "Nick-Nick, I don't think you like those. Why don't you give them to me?"

Nicholas then took two chewed green Skittles out of his mouth and silently placed them in Nathaniel's outstretched hand. Nathaniel popped them in his mouth.

Nathaniel: [in a sing-song voice] "Yep! Still good!"


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