Aug 9, 2007

Slices of Life, Vol. 18

Favorite Nicholas word of the moment: "wizzbee" for "frisbee" ... "I want to throw the wizzbee with you, Mommy!"


The boys went to the dentist a few weeks ago, and later that night as we were brushing teeth and getting ready for bed, Nathaniel announced, "I want to flaw!"

Me: "You want to what?"

Nathaniel: "I want to FLAW!"

Me: "What??"

Nathaniel: "Dr. Mike said I NEED TO FLAW!" And then he pulled out his new dental floss.


While at a neighborhood pool recently, both boys needed to use the restroom. Grayson was out of town, so I took them both to the women's room, which only had one potty. Nathaniel needed to go first, but Nicholas was pretty anxious.

Me: "Nathaniel, are you done? Nick needs to go, too."

Nathaniel: "Almost."

[a minute later] Me: "Buddy, are you almost done? Nick really needs to use the potty."



One night I was reading Eric Carle's "The Grouchy Ladybug" to the boys at bedtime:

Me: " 'It saw a leaf with many aphids on it, and decided to have them for breakfast.' Hmm. I can never remember if it's pronounced 'ay-fid' or 'aff-fid'."

Nathaniel: "Just say ANTS."


Nicholas singing "This is the Day that the Lord hath Made" while putting on his PJs recently (remember that Mo-Mo is "our dog" Moses):"This is today, this is today, That na-na did made, That na-na did made. I have no choice, I have no choice, That's what Mo-Mo said, That's what Mo-mo said."


While driving home from lunch the other day:

Nathaniel: "Daddy, what is a knight?"

Grayson: [Silence.]

Nathaniel: "Daddy, WHAT IS A KNIGHT?"

Grayson: "It's really hard to explain."

Nathaniel: "No it's not. A, they fight. B, they wear armor. C, they ride horses. And D, they protect people."

Me: "Wow. He really showed YOU. And in outline form, no less."


Nathaniel amusing me with how the popular vernacular is inching its way into his speech:

"Mommy, yesterday Nick-a-liss covered himself up with his blanket at naptime, and I AM NOT EVEN JOKING."


Nicholas to Grayson, trying to get his attention during supper:"Hey, Short Stuff! ..."


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