Aug 20, 2007

Headstrong 2-year-old suspended from school after violent incident

(Pelham, Ala.) Nicholas H, a 2-year-old Hoover resident, was suspended today from daycare following repeated behavioral violations.

Nicholas, well known for his strong opinions and general obstinance, will be allowed back at school tomorrow morning on a probationary basis. The string of incidents in question began during what is commonly referred to as "circle time," during which the children sit around the teacher and listen to her read books, and they sing songs as a group.

According to witnesses, Nicholas refused to sit in circle time, jaunting over to Home Living to play in the kitchen. He repeatedly ignored his teachers' attempts to corral him into the circle, and he hit both teachers while they tried to coerce him to participate. Two innocent children, caught in the crossfire, received glancing blows which did not require medical attention.

Center Director Cheryl W immediately took control of the situation and called Nicholas's mother, Katherine, at work. Mrs. H spoke to her son at length, spelling out disciplinary action that would be carried out later at home, as well as various proper behavioral patterns that would be expected the remainder of the day.

According to Mrs. H, "Nick LOVES to both read books and sing songs, so I have no idea why he would ignore requests to join in the fun with his friends. Clearly, his father's DNA is at fault here."

Sadly, 10 minutes after the original phone call, Cheryl called Mrs. H a second time to say that her son had become frustrated again while conversing with a teacher. While her back was turned, Nicholas picked up a wooden toy and threw it into a female child's face. Cheryl notified Mrs. H that her son was suspended for the rest of the day and needed to be removed from the premises immediately.

Faulty-DNA-provider Grayson H is currently en route to daycare to transport his son to their residence for disciplinary action and a long nap. More on this developing story as details become available.

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