May 29, 2007

Slices of Life, Vol. 17

The boys love to eat a pack of crackers (courtesy of KinderCare) on the way home from school every night. It helps hold them over until we can get home and fix supper. Recently:

Nathaniel: "Mommy, can I have another pack of crackers?"

Me: "No, buddy. You've already had enough."

Nathaniel: "No, I only had four."

Me: "Yes, you've had several. That's enough."

Nathaniel: "Mommy, FOUR is not 'several.' SEVEN is 'several.' Four is JUST FOUR."


Nathaniel: "Nick-a-liss, can I play with your Darth Vader?"

Nicholas: "No."

Nathaniel: "Nick-a-liss, Jesus is coming alive to save us from our sins, but you'd better share ANYWAY."


Nathaniel, upon opening a drawer in Nicholas' dresser and finding the bulb syringe:

"Hey! There's the nose-picker!!"


Nicholas observing the magic that is pee-peeing on the potty: "I'm making rain from my penis!"


Disconcerting and amusing at the same time:

I was fixing supper one night when Nathaniel asked if he could watch "Power Rangers" in the den until supper was ready.

Me: "Sure. You have about 10 minutes."

Nathaniel: [singing] "Celllllllebrate good times, come on!"


Nathaniel explaining a conflict to me in the car on the way home from school:

"Mommy, Diovanni slapped me in the face today. It was, like, really hard and I twisted his, like, arm around. Then Ms. Shunta put both of us in, like, time out. But I didn't hit him first. He hit me and, like, my body didn't WANT to hurt him, but my brain MADE me do it and then my body couldn't help it!"


Nathaniel, during one of our recent days at the pool: "Mommy, please put on my sun lotion! I don't want to get sunboined."


I took the boys to a public restroom over the weekend that only had one potty in it. As soon as the boys saw that only one of them could go at a time:

Nathaniel: "I need to go fuhst."

Nicholas: "No, I need to go fuhst."

Nathaniel: "Well, I have to go SO BADLY."

Nicholas: "NO, I HAVE TO GO SO BAD."

Nathaniel: "Well, do you need to stand up or sit down, BECAUSE I NEED TO SIT DOWN!"


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