Jul 7, 2016

When I want to take a nap, I go lie down in my bed

Amelia has taken to the ocean like a fish to water.

Or something.

She's in love with it and has been spending hours a day jumping waves with me and/or Grayson, then racing back to the shore to sit and let the waves overtake her while she giggles and pops back up with glee.

Of course, all that activity makes a girl VERY tired. So tired that while waiting on supper to be ready, she might let her iPad fall on her face and just sleep right through it.

Naps of this odd variety aren't even rare among our kids. I came in from the pool and found Nathaniel dead to the world like this on Tuesday afternoon. SACKED. OUT.

They do love this trip. But it does suck the life out of them.

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