Jul 6, 2016

Checking in from the beach

We've been caught up in the usual annual chaos of "Cousin Camp" ever since we got to Ocean Isle on Saturday afternoon.

There was a beautiful storm the first night, but other than that the only notable weather has been the windiest day we've EVER seen here, which was yesterday.

The kids are having a great time -- and speaking of the kids, I snapped a quick picture of them with my phone on the back porch. I should share it with you, since I don't think you've seen them all together since ... maybe our family Christmas picture.

I mean, yes, it's just a cell-phone picture and sure, they're all slimy with sunscreen. BUT IT'S SOMETHING.

I'm trying to post on Instagram (@grass_stains_the_blog) and Twitter (@grass_stains) while we're here. Not sure how many more blog posts I'll get up, but I'll try to post a couple more pictures here just in case you aren't on IG or Twitter.

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