May 24, 2016

Long time gone

I know. I KNOW.

You can yell at me if you need to.

It's been over a month, and I'm sorry. Thank you for emailing me, Tweeting me and even mentioning me on other bloggers' Facebook pages (Brandie), wondering if I'm okay and when I'll be back.

Yes, I'm fine! And our family is fine. There is no surprise divorce announcement coming, I still have a job and all the kids are present and accounted for.

I haven't been writing here for a specific reason, and it's work-related, but I don't write about my full-time job here because 1) people I work with read my blog sometimes, and 2) it's a violation of our company's Code of Conduct. If not a direct violation of it, then at a minimum a violation of the spirit of the Code, which is legal jargon for I'D BETTER NOT DO IT.

So. I will not.

At any rate.

I have a doozy of a story to tell you tomorrow, but before I do, I would like to refresh your memory of what I ACTUALLY look like. Because when I post the image that goes with tomorrow's post, you will never be able to wipe it from the brain matter that lies behind your eyes.

You will wish you had never seen it. I mean, it's of my FACE, but trust me. It's something the likes of which you've never seen before.

To prove that I have, in fact, been living a life the last month or so, here's a picture of me with a group of friends at my good friend Melanie's tap recital a couple of weekends ago: 

Me with Mel's sister Shelly and BFF Laurel before the show started:

And me with Sophie (you may know her as BooMama if you read her blog) at a book launch for Erin and Megan's new book:

I'm no stunner, but neither do I look like Kim Jung Un. Please keep this in mind as tomorrow draws near.

I've missed you guys.

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