Apr 11, 2016


Guess what!

I ordered a new 2TB external hard drive for my laptop! That means as soon as I get it hooked up, I can start sharing pictures from my laptop again -- that means more blogging.

GOOD DAYS ARE ON THE HORIZON. I might even get to share Christmas pictures with you.

But onto what I was going to share with you today, before the external HD arrives. Which means more pictures from my cell phone.

There's this tiny building in downtown Birmingham right next to two of my favorite restaurants. And over the years, restaurant patrons have taken to parking in their lot when no street parking was available.

Well. The building owner hates it. If you think that's hyperbole, you'd be mistaken.

Here's the sign at the curbside entrance to his building's lot.

And here are the signs in the windows (and on the exterior) as you pull into a space.

These are My Very Favorites.

Why post one sign when 917 will do?

The only thing missing is a well-placed curse word.  #missedopportunity

Even though the SIGNS didn't contain any profanity, my friend Misty and I were treated to some courtesy of a passerby who noticed me taking pictures:

"The guy who owns this place? HE'S A REAL A**HOLE." *

*The opinion of the passerby is his opinion and his alone, not necessarily the opinion of this blogger, who has no independent knowledge of the building owner's personality.

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