Feb 4, 2016

The last songs I downloaded

Please don't come looking for indie, highbrow or otherwise obscure music finds. I THINK WE ALL KNOW ME BETTER THAN THAT.

For better or worse, here's the last batch of songs I went to download and any songs I downloaded off the same albums while I was there:

1. The Script, Superheroes

2. Adele, When We Were Young and All I Ask

3. Carrie Underwood, Heartbeat

4. Meghan Trainor & John Legend, Like I'm Gonna Lose You

5. Chris Young, I'm Comin' Over 

6. David Dunn, Ready to be Myself

7. Justin Bieber, Sorry and Love Yourself

8. Ed Sheeran, Photograph

9. Thomas Rhett, Crash and Burn and Die a Happy Man

10. One Direction, Perfect and History

11. Zac Brown Band, Beautiful Drug

12. The Oh Hellos, I Have Made Mistakes (recommended by Knox & Jamie)

13. Sara Bareilles, Basket Case (recommended by Knox & Jamie)

14. Andrew Peterson, Be Kind to Yourself

For the record, I'm not disappointed in a single one of them. RECOMMEND.

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