Feb 2, 2016

But I'm all for doing away with pennies

I signed the boys out of Extended Day recently at the exact same time that another mom did. I happened to glance over as I signed my name and wrote "5:32" and noticed that she'd written "5:30."


When is that even an option? When I sign in at a doctor's office, I note the exact minute of my arrival. Is 1:33 the same as 1:35? IT IS NOT.

Whose brain works that way? Does YOUR brain operate that way? "Oh I just glanced at the clock and it said 12:11 so Ima put 12:15 on this form BECAUSE TIME HAS NO MEANING."

Does her entire life operate in that kind of chaos? Is she early to everything? Or late to everything?

Does she obey traffic signals? Or do they not apply to her, either?

My world has been sincerely rocked. Am I the rule or the exception here?

I honestly do not know.

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