Dec 28, 2015

Have you ever eaten a raw cranberry?

On Christmas Eve while I was mixing up two Cranberry-Apple Bakes, Jake came in the kitchen and popped a stray cranberry into his mouth.

He yelped, spit it out and said accusingly, "THAT GWAPE WAS DISGUSTING!"

We explained that it wasn't a grape; it was a cranberry -- and that started a discussion in which we found that none of us in the kitchen had ever tried a raw cranberry.

So. My sister, Nathaniel and I all tried one, and Jake tried another one -- because we decided to photograph our reactions.

For the record, when my sister went to transfer all these pictures to a flash drive for me, she was like, "You don't need these ones of the cranberry tasting, right? You're not gonna do anything with them." And I was like, "Oh, I don't know, just put them on there."


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