Nov 28, 2014

Cranberry-apple Bake

As I was mixing up one of my favorite holiday dishes on Thanksgiving Eve, it occurred to me that even though I'd shared pictures of it with you before, I'd never given you the recipe. Shame on me!

And although it was too late at that point to do anything about my oversight to Save Your Thanksgiving, I decided that I could definitely contribute to your Christmas meal by sharing it with you today.

This is one of our family favorites, served at both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Recipe via my sister-in-law Patsy:  

Cranberry Apple Bake

3 cups diced Granny Smith apples (peel them if you want it less tart) (I like the peel)

2 cups fresh cranberries

1 1/2 c sugar

1 stick melted butter

1 1/2 c quick-cook oats

1/2 c brown sugar

1/3 c flour

1/2 c chopped nuts

Mix apples, cranberries and white sugar together in a bowl and spoon into 9x13 casserole dish. (You can use the same bowl to mix the Topping ingredients together. Less mess for the win!) Top apple/cranberry mixture with the Topping and bake 1 hr. at 300 degrees.

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